2015 Frame 6 Users Group Annual Conference

Requirements change, but the Frame 6B adapts to meet expectations
 Jeff Gillis of ExxonMobil Chemical and Sam Moots of Colorado Energy Management got the 2015 meeting of the Frame 6 Users Group off to a quick start at the Doubletree Resort by Hilton Hotel Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, Ariz, June 22 - 25. The duo is well practiced in handling introductions and housekeeping/safety items, having held their leadership positions for several years. As soon as the co-chairs finished, they handed the "keys" to J C Rawls of BASF Geismar, a member of the group's steering committee and a polished discussion leader, who launched the technical sessions with an open forum on safety. more

Morris Cogen pursues maximum value from its TurboPhase retrofit

Morris Cogen, owned by Atlantic Power Corp, is a 177-MW combined-cycle facility with three GE Frame 6B gas turbine/generators and HRSGs, and a 60-MW steam turbine/generator, supplying a large ethylene manufacturing plant in Morris, Ill (near Chicago) with over 1-million lb/hr of steam and electricity since 1998. Excess power-about 120 MW-is sold into PJM. Morris pioneered the installation of two TurboPhase modules in 2014. The system was tested then and currently is shut down pending completion of control-system modifications and emissions testing. Final commissioning should be completed this year. more 

Best Practice Award: Plant audit identifies major cost-saving opportunity
J C Rawls, utilities department technology engineer for BASF in Louisiana, accepted the CCJ's 2015 Best Practices Award at the Frame 6 Users Group annual meeting, recognizing the company's Geismar facility for re-engineering and modifying its boiler feedwater system to reduce energy consumption and improve plant availability/reliability. BASF Geismar was the only plant powered by a Frame 6B engine recognized by the judges this year. more
headsUP: Experience suggests more rigorous QA/QC for Asian supply-chain partners
On a recent tour of a new US combined-cycle unit close to commissioning, CCJ editors learned that project management was "not impressed" by the quality of components originating in Asian manufacturing shops during construction. As a result, the owner/operator had to revamp internal quality assurance (QA) and control (QC) processes. more
Trouble attracting qualified O&M personnel? Get new ideas at CCUG's workforce development workshop

The loss of experienced deck-plates personnel has left a significant void in O&M knowledge at some plants. Despite the "ageing workforce" warnings, even today little is being done by many owner/operators to capture the know-how of veterans before they walk out the door. And with the military shrinking, the seemingly bottomless pool of talented US Navy vets is rapidly evaporating. more  

  • IAPWS releases best practices for H20 chemistry
  • Power Cycle Instrumentation Seminar
  • Generator Users Group (GUG), formed by/for owner/operators, to meet November 4-5
  • Sulzer acquires Precision Gas Turbine
  • Emera Energy selects GE to upgrade Tiverton
  • Inspection guide for drum-level instrumentation more 



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