2015 Western Turbine Users (WTUI), Issue 4

Tips for safe battery inspection, maintenance, testing

As he approached the podium, Michael O'Brien, technical services manager of Nolan Power Group LLC, asked attendees at CTOTF's Spring 2015 Generators/High-Voltage Electrical/I&C Roundtable, "Can your turbine or generating plant survive an unplanned or emergency trip without sustaining major damage?" more 

Inspection guidelines for air-cooled condensers help identify, characterize issues

The ACC Users Group, serving owners & operators of air-cooled condensers since its founding in 2009 by NV Energy, published the organization's first technical guidance document, Guidelines for Internal Inspection of Air-Cooled Condensers, in May 2015. The document concentrates on inspection and characterization of corrosion mechanisms and locations identified in ACCs worldwide; it also addresses equipment and plant interaction, inspection frequency, and safety. more 

A Cliffs Notes-type of maintenance guide for the LM6000PC

Dale Reed of Reed Services Inc. is a frequent presenter at Western Turbine meetings and respected for his knowledge of the LM6000. At the WTUI meeting in Long Beach, Mar 15-18, 2015, he delivered one of the six special technical presentations on Tuesday afternoon to an SRO gathering of owner/operators. His topic: LM6000PC maintenance requirements (commonly overlooked). more 

Electronic logbooks and the 10 commandments of healthy communication

The last of the six Special Technical Presentations on Tuesday afternoon at WTUI wasn't technical at all, but it might have been of greatest interest to the majority of attendees. eLogger Inc and Schick Corporate Learning presented an eBoot Camp that encouraged attendees to transition to an electronic logbook because of its ability to meet the specific information needs of various disciplines in an organization virtually instantly. more 

Understanding the lingo of LM engine component dispositions

MT R&O LLC's Rick Kowalski, PE, presented at the WTUI's special technical session on a topic of interest to most attendees: "Maintaining an Ageing Fleet through Parts Repairs." He opened by saying that R&O are key components in serviceability strategies used throughout the aero fleet. Component salvage options are available for the proportionate extension of part serviceability, he continued, with material-add constituting the largest portion of component R&O-through standard joining, plating, thermal spray, coating, and custom mods. more 

 JULY 23rd Webinar: HEPA GT Inlet Filtration Benefits and Lifetime

Presentation Takeaways

  • What are the benefits of hydrophobic HEPA fitration?

  • Why is it important to keep dirty water out of my GT?

  • What are the factors that determine filter lifetime?

  • Signs that it may be time to replace my filters?

  • How do HEPA filters perform in diverse environments?

  • Case studies from millions of operating hours

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