2015 Western Turbine Users (WTUI), Issue 3

US gas-turbine orders in 2014 20% of global total; best year for nation since 2002

Mark Axford, the Houston-based consultant considered by many to be the leading independent expert on gas-turbine (GT) markets, predicted US orders for GTs would drop by 10% in 2015 from the slightly more than 10 GW purchased in 2014. Worldwide, he expects orders will be up 10% from the nearly 52 GW booked last year. The Eurozone's lingering recession is a significant factor in the downward pressure on international orders (less than 200 MW in 2014). more

Use of hydrophobic HEPA filters may double time between aero-engine overhauls

Alliance Pipeline's evaluation of hydrophobic high-efficiency particulate air filters, now in its fifth year, continues to support the company's confidence in the W L Gore & Associates' product. The integrated Canadian/US high-pressure natural-gas transmission system had more than 500,000 hours of Gore HEPA experience at the time of the WTUI 25th anniversary meeting in Long Beach, Mar 15-18, 2015. more

Metallurgical aspects of welding Stellite 12 to Type 316L stainless steel

Applying a corrosion-resistant Stellite overlay to a stainless steel can be a daunting task, Oscar Quintero, a metallurgical and materials engineer at M&M Engineering Associates Inc, told the editors, and problematic if the welding is not done properly. Issues such as cracking along the weld line, hydrogen-induced cracking, and porosity, among others, have been reported. This article addresses issues such as lack of fusion and porosity encountered when welding Stellite 12 and Type 316L stainless steel, and offers some mitigation strategies. more 

Industry in transition: Not your father's Oldsmobile

Do you remember that commercial? It dates back to 1988, a seminal year in the power industry. Engineers were discussing whether the transmission system could handle the competitive electricity supply concepts being introduced by some policymakers and their supply-side academic supporters. "The system just wasn't built to accommodate that," was the engineers' consensus. more 

How to maintain SCR catalyst at peak effectiveness

The testing, cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of SCR and oxidation catalysts is a popular topic at gas-turbine user-group meetings-WTUI in particular-for a very simple reason: You can't operate your generating units if they don't meet the permitted emissions levels for NOx and CO. The Western Turbine leadership assures ongoing coverage of emissions control systems at its annual meetings. At the 25th anniversary conference in Long Beach, Cormetech's Elizabeth Govey and Karolyn Hagan, updated attendees on SCR catalyst technology. more

HRSG coverage increases at WTUI as LM cogen, combined-cycle facilities multiply

Over the last three Western Turbine meetings, HRST Inc's Ned Congdon, PE, has built an enviable following among aero owner/ operators with heat-recovery steam generators. At the 25th anniversary conference, he and colleague Jack Odlum presented on HRSG economizers. Congdon, a dyed-in-the-wool boiler guy with decades of experience, never repeats subject matter from meeting to meeting. That's probably why his session is always full. Attend for five or six consecutive years and you might qualify for a degree. more

WEBINAR July 23: HEPA GT Inlet Filtration Benefits and Lifetime


Proven to increase engine performance, minimize downtime and lower maintenance costs over the filter's lifetime.


Learning Expectations

What are the benefits of hydrophobic HEPA fitration?
Why is it important to keep dirty water out of my GT?
What are the factors that determine filter lifetime?
What happens inside the filter towards end of life?
What are the signs that it may be time to replace my filters?
How do HEPA filters perform in diverse environments?  


Presented by Tom Kelmartin and Ryder Pingry
Thursday, July 23 @ 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific more