2015 Siemens D5-D5A Users Group

Extraordinary may be the best word to describe the value of user presentations
User group meetings without meaningful presentations by owner/operators may not be providing a program of maximum value to attendees. Sure, users learn from the OEM, consultants, and third-party equipment and services providers, but there's nothing like a presentation by an owner/operator on a subject of interest to the fleet to lay out the cold, hard facts and help others avoid having to relearn lessons already paid for. There were several valuable user presentations at the 501D5-D5A Users' 19th annual meeting in Tucson, June 2-4. more 

The value proposition of user-only discussion forums 

The open discussion sessions at user group meetings are somewhat like "show and tell" was in grammar school: Listening to what colleagues have to say you get answers to questions you never thought to ask, and finding out about things you never knew existed. Plus, you have the opportunity to put a few photos up on the screen and ask the group, "Does anyone know what caused this?" more 
OEM presenters focus on helping 501D5-D5A users maximize unit reliability, availability

The 501D5-D5A Users and Siemens Energy work well together. There are squabbles to be sure, but the group's steering committee of Chairman Gabe Fleck, Lonnie Grote, and Barry Mayhew has been working closely with key members of the Siemens team-Mark Kamphaus and Jeff Kain, in particular-for the last decade, allowing the participants to develop meaningful professional and personal relationships. 

     Program development for the users' meetings is a collaborative process with the information needs of owner/operators as the primary objective. OEM presentation topics for the mature D5 and D5A engines lately are rapid-fire updates on equipment solutions in development and continuing issues, making the program lively and compelling. The goal: Maximize reliability, availability, and operational flexibility while meeting expectations with regard to emissions, efficiency, and safety. more 

Grid-scale energy-storage advocates prepare for a 'flood' of business

The days of May 27-29, 2015 may not have been the best time to use the word "flood" in Dallas as an analogy for business opportunities. Amidst daily rainstorms, roaring creeks, flood-ravaged neighborhoods, and nightly lightning shows seen from upper-floor hotel windows rivaling a Pink Floyd concert, the storage industry gathered at the Energy Storage Assn's (ESA) 25th Conference and Expo to assess the state of the market, technologies, and policies.

      Those who build, own, and operate gas-turbine and combined-cycle assets need not worry that grid-scale storage is going to "eat their lunch" anytime soon. But, clearly, it is time to pay close attention; the tipping point, courtesy of government policy, may be near. more