2014 GE 7EA Users Group: Issue 1

7EA state-of-the-engine report for 2014 focuses on compressor clashing, blade tip distress
A timely opening presentation by an engaging speaker is critical to the success of most meetings, at least based on the editors' experience. If the audience connects well with the first presenter, adrenaline flows and the day's discussion likely will be robust and the give-and-take at breaks and lunch productive. The steering committee of the 7EA Users Group knows this, which probably is why President Rod Shidler and Service Manager Mike Hoogsteden of Advanced Turbine Support LLC are invited to jump-start the organization's annual meeting each year. more
How to test, maintain 7EA IGVs, auxiliaries to achieve top performance

Dave Lucier, founder/GM of PAL Turbine Services LLC, was the featured speaker from the opening bell to morning coffee on Day Two of the 7EA User Group's 2014 Conference. A former GE field engineer, who later instructed and managed the mechanical training of future field engineers, Lucier shared his knowledge on the servicing and change-out of inlet guide vanes with the rotor in-situ, and on the maintenance of auxiliary systems. more 

How to reduce engine wear and tear at low cost

Paul Tucker, president, First Independent Rotor Services of Texas (FIRST), was invited back to the 7EA Users Group meeting to speak about some of the "little," relatively inexpensive, things plant O&M personnel can do to reduce wear and tear on their engines.

     Tucker's 2014 presentation covered (1) a redesigned bucket seal pin that resists liberation, (2) a turning-gear speed reduction mod that prolongs bucket life, and (3) a caution flag regarding the selection of a coating for bucket dovetails. more

TVGS nurtures deep community roots

Tenaska Virginia Generating Station's (TVGS) prominent and ongoing participation in the CCJ Best Practices Awards program over the last 10 years is as much about technical and equipment improvements as it is about employee and community relations. But it is with the latter that the facility has imprinted an indelible mark of leadership for the electric-power industry. more 

7EA users share Best Practices

Plant personnel turn workforce attrition into a positive

Rosemary Power Station, Roanoke Rapids, NC, is a unique 165-MW 2 1 combined cycle; it is equipped with one GE 7EA and one GE 6B gas turbine. The plant, owned by Dominion Power and operated by NAES Corp, began commercial operation in December 1990.


Relocate evap-cooler pumps to improve safety and system reliability
In summer, when the evaporative cooling systems serving Nevada Sun Peak's three 7EA peakers are operating at peak demand, a supply pump failure becomes a significant event: Power production drops below the contracted output and the potential for a forced outage exists. more  

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