2014 Frame 6 Users Group Annual Conference

New combustion system for vintage 6B improves operating flexibility, reduces emissions
O&M personnel responsible for GE Frame 6B gas turbines are a breed apart from their colleagues who manage F- and higher-class engines dedicated to electricity production-at least from an editor's perspective. The 6B, which often serves in chemical-plant and refinery cogeneration systems, is a durable machine well-appreciated by the hard-nosed engineers and technicians who care for it. more

Well-timed megawatts offer potential value to Morris Cogen

Soon, you may be adding a new option for extracting megawatts from your gas turbine/generator or combined cycle-a separate engine-driven compressor module that takes high-temperature turbine exhaust and feeds it back into the GT's compressor discharge. Called TurboPhase, it's a deceptively simple technique developed by PowerPhase LLC, Jupiter, Fla. If the initial installation at Morris Cogeneration LLC lives up to its promise, it could challenge traditional capacity enhancement options, like inlet air chillers, foggers, water or steam injection, and duct-burner firing. more

Frame 6 discussion forums valuable for their best practices, lessons learned
It's important to have a solid presentation on an important topic that generates follow-on discussion to start any technical meeting-user group conferences in particular. Get powerplant O&M personnel "engaged" in the proceedings at the outset and their interest is almost sure to carry through the day's activities. Fail to make that connection and cell-phone and hallway conversations will suck people out of the room and crimp the discussion that makes user-group meetings valuable. more
Forget the "labor pool," developing employee skills is management's responsibility

"Skills Shortage Means Many Jobs Go Begging," an article published in the Wall Street Journal a couple of months ago, stated "Growing numbers of small-business owners say unfilled job openings are thwarting their growth at a time of high confidence in the economy." About one-third of nearly 850 small business owners and CEOs responding to the survey said they had unfilled job openings last June because they couldn't find qualified applicants. Results of a similar survey conducted two years ago were about the same. This should not come as a surprise to anyone employed in the greying electric power industry. more  

Company news, personnel updates, and upcoming meeting announcements from providers of products and services for the CCGT industry, including Gas Turbine Controls Corp, Sulzer, EthosEnergy, Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, and more 
October 9: Optimizing Generator Testing and Inspection During Your Turbine Outage


Developing and Implementing an Effective Generator Assessment Program
Presented by Phil Karwowski, EthosEnergy Group
The generator is routinely overlooked when developing an operation and maintenance program. As generator fleets mature, the potential for availability-limiting events caused by the generator continues to increase. However, if an operation and maintenance program is developed early to coincide with the outage windows of the turbine, forced outages can be minimized and availability requirements managed. EthosEnergy offers such a plan with our Generator Assessment Program (GAP). Key benefits include risk management and life cycle optimization. more

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