2014 Western Turbine Users Conference (WTUI): Issue #4

LM2500 assessment: Gas-valve, control-system issues top contributors to forced outages
The LM2500 is the most versatile engine in GE's land and marine aero portfolio. The machine has been uprated and improved several times since its commercial introduction at the dawn of the 1970s and has racked up more than 70-million operating hours over the years. You can find the LM2500 in utility/IPP peaking, cogeneration, and combined-cycle plants, as well as in trailer-mounted emergency/ standby packages, drilling-platform service, mechanical-drive applications (gas pipeline compressor drivers, for example), industrial combined heat and power, and marine main propulsion systems. more
How to reduce the startup time of a legacy combined cycle

Fast starting of combined cycles is a hot topic today because having that capability in certain markets enables power producers to maximize their revenue opportunities. HRST Incīs Ned Congdon, who has been on the Western Turbine program for two years running, began his presentation by stating the goals of a fast-start program:

  • Enable rapid loading of the gas turbines.
  • Provide steam to the steam turbine at the proper flow rate and temperature.
  • Avoid damage from thermal stress and overheating, and preserve reliability.
  • Avoid corrosion.       more 
Special presentations cover the gamut from emissions control to vibration analysis

There are six special technical presentations on Tuesday afternoon at Western Turbine meetings to address subjects of interest to aero owner/operators not specific to a particular LM engine. Here are recaps of the remaining four:

  • "AB 32 Cap and Trade Program Overview," Mike Taylor, Element Markets LLC  
  • "Analyzing Complex Vibration Issues," Maki Onari/Eric Olson, Mechanical Solutions Inc
  • "Recent Developments in SCR and CO Catalyst Systems," Dan Ott, Joe Otto, and Ted Heron, Environex Inc
  • "Gas Turbine Automation and Applications," Metso Corp more 
LM5000: Oil and air leaks, and vibration, play a role in many forced outages

The countdown to extinction of the LM5000 began when GE stopped manufacturing the engine several years ago; only about 50 units continue in service worldwide. In 2010, Air New Zealand Gas Turbines became the sole parts supplier for LM5000s worldwide, as well as the depot repair facility for GE's LM5000 lease fleet. Today, Western Turbine meetings may be the only place owner/operators can still meet as a group to share experiences and maintain a "life-support" network for this engine. more 

Assure fuel and water valves, actuators continue to work reliably

A one-hour workshop on fuel and water valve maintenance at WTUI by Wade Burdick of Woodward addressed field issues, maintenance and overhaul, product obsolescence, and upgrade options for several of the company's LM6000 and LMS100 products. What he had to say was important to this group because Woodward equipment is found on most engines in the LM aero fleets. To illustrate: The company has shipped nearly 3000 of its popular 3103 and 3171 gas valves equipped with EM35MR actuators over the last two decades. LM6000 O&M personnel are familiar with these components. more  

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