2014 CTOTF Spring Turbine Forum: Issue #3

An alphabet soup of environmental regs tightens the noose on plant operations
If you want to keep up with environmental, NERC, and other regulatory matters, the best user group meetings to attend are the semi-annual conferences developed by the Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum™. The day-long sessions of the Regulatory and Compliance Roundtable, conducted on the Tuesdays of the four-day events, are content-rich and testify to the industry commitment of the organization's all-volunteer, all-user leadership committee-headed by Chairman Jack Borsch, VP O&M at Colectric Partners. more

OSHA safety quiz: What you should know about "recordables" 

Not long ago, continuity of employment at the plant level was influenced most by metrics such as kilowatt-hours generated, failed starts, availability, reliability, etc. Over the last several years, safety metrics have taken center stage. Walk into a plant today and you'll likely see signage announcing "XXX Days without a Lost-Time Injury," "No OSHA Recordables since YYY," etc. OSHA has had a positive impact in reducing job-related injuries and deaths across all industries. more

Three major changes to NFPA 70E slated for the 2015 edition 

NFPA 70E (2015) will change in several areas from the current (2012) standard for electrical safety in the workplace. Three areas are significant: New PPE tables, and elimination of both the Hazard/Risk Category Zero (HRC 0) and the Prohibited Approach Boundary (PAB). Most of the changes reflect the committee's desire to simplify and clarify the standard. more  

Cranes: Safety first to avoid costly, lost-time accidents

Within the last year, there have been several serious crane accidents in powerplants. The most infamous, perhaps, happened at Arkansas Nuclear One in April 2013, where one worker died and eight were injured. So, what do plant operators need to know about cranes to prevent such events? more 



July 17: Inspection and Repair of 7FA and 6FA GTs   more

  • 7FA Fuel Nozzle End Cover Repair
  • 6FA Rotor Disassembly and Inspection 

July 23: E12 HEPA Filter Technology pays biggest dividends on must-run engines   more 

  • Case studies: Would switching to HEPA benefit your plant?
  • Technological advancements in HEPA filters  

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