2014 7F Users Group Annual Conference: Issue #2

Benefit from these 7F user experiences 

In round numbers, there were two-dozen presentations by owner/operators at the 7F Users Group's 2014 Conference the third week of May. The editors cannot recall any other user organization getting that many of its members to the front of the room to share their experiences. Subject matter was wide-ranging-from fall protection, to operational issues, to ground-penetrating radar to help assure safe crane operations, to generator fixator replacement, to experience fulfilling the requirements of Technical Information Letters (TILs), etc. Note that there were more presentations than listed in the official program because of last-minute additions. more  

Lessons learned during a 7FA.03 CI/Package 3 upgrade 

The Package 3 compressor enhancement can take from two to four weeks to complete and involves the following compressor upgrades, in broad general terms:

  • Optimum-start feature assures IGV position is not conducive to R0 excitation.
  • IGV mods are designed to reduce R0 excitation.
  • R0 mods improve damage tolerance and reduce blade and edge-of-contact stress.
  • S0-S5 mods reduce FOD risk, maintain airfoil dampening, reduce airfoil stress, and improve damage tolerance.
  • S6-S8 mods to improve tolerance to damage are optional. more

Combustion hardware enhancements improve performance, reliability of 7FAs 

Dr. Peter Stuttaford opened his remarks with a review of PSM's standard "drop-in" 7FA premixed combustor, which operates at 9 ppm NOx or below on natural gas over the operating load range of interest to most owners. During the last five years, he said, PSM has equipped several engines with full sets of these combustors, adding that individual components-including fuel nozzles, liner, liner cap, transition duct, flow sleeve, etc-are piecewise compatible with OEM hardware. This was important to attendees looking to upgrade but not replace their combustion sections. more

Hot topics at 7F meeting included controls obsolescence, endcover and generator issues 

The Steering Committee for the 7F Users Group selected for presentation Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon a dozen abstracts from the large number of proposals submitted by vendors participating in the equipment/services exhibition. There were two 45-min vendor sessions both days-each with three concurrent presentations. CCJ editors selected six of the 12 to profile here: 

Checklist of lessons learned helps in preparing specs to maximize HRSG reliability 

Lester Stanley drew on experience to compile information for his presentation, "New HRSG Checklist," at the HRSG Spotlight Session, conducted on Day One of the 7F Users Group's 2014 Conference, in Phoenix, May 19-23. Stanley's goal was to help owner/operators prepare more meaningful new-equipment specifications and reduce the lifecycle costs of their boilers. Also, for those owner/operators with HRSGs still under warranty, he created a special checklist of specific items to inspect before corrective action must be paid for by the plant. more 


July 9: 501F Compressor Solutions   more

  • Rotor Unstacking and Compressor Rotor Repair
  • 501F Compressor Diaphragm Repair

July 17: Inspection and Repair of 7FA and 6FA GTs   more

  • 7FA Fuel Nozzle End Cover Repair
  • 6FA Rotor Disassembly and Inspection 

July 23: E12 HEPA Filter Technology pays biggest dividends on must-run engines   more 

  • An analysis: Would switching to HEPA benefit your plant?
  • Technological advancements in HEPA filters 

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