2014 7F Users Group Annual Conference: Issue #1

7F users collaborate on solutions to fleet-wide compressor issues 

Compressors get considerable air time at 7F Users Group meetings. It seems there's always something to talk about: If it's not R0, then it's probably S0-S4, or perhaps R13-R16, or R17. On Day One of the organization's 2014 conference in Phoenix, Chris Johnston, PSM's Director of Airfoils Engineering R&D, spent half an hour explaining reliability improvements his company's engineers have designed into the replacement parts it offers for this machine. On Day Two, several user case histories and an open discussion period added up to another two hours on compressors. On Day Four, the OEM had a 45-min presentation. more  

Clashing damage found to increase over time in at least some compressors 

Recent inspections conducted by Advanced Turbine Support LLC confirm the following:

  • Clashing damage in terms of severity and the number and location of affected airfoils is increasing in at least some compressors.
  • Damage from clashing, which had been characterized solely by wear and tear on the trailing edges of rotor blades near their platforms and on the leading edges of adjacent stator vanes at their tips, now also may include cracks in vanes a few inches from the bottom of the airfoil in the middle of the convex side. more 

7F performance, reliability enhancements focus of special session at annual meeting 

PSM, which celebrates its 15th business anniversary in a few months, conducted a comprehensive technical workshop on Day One of the 7F Users Group's 2014 Conference that captured the interest of about 200 owner/operators for an entire afternoon. The company's ability to develop and bring to market quickly its respected advanced gas-turbine components impressed many attendees. more

Smart starts mitigate HRSG damage, preserve reliability  

The HRSG Spotlight Session conducted by HRST Inc on Day One of the 7F Users Group's annual conference again proved its value as one of the industry's top training workshops on F-class heat-recovery steam generators. This year, Lester Stanley, PE, and Rob Tretter teamed up to make the following presentations:
  • Smart starts.

  • Repair of damage to pressure parts.

  • New unit checklist of lessons learned. more 

Wireless technology enhances the value of participation at 7F meetings 

The 7F Users Group steering committee voted two relative newcomers to lead the organization through its 2015 annual meeting. Robert LaRoche of SRP and TECO Energy's Ed Maggio were elected Chairman and Vice Chairman, respectively, for the 2014-2015 term. They replace SCE's Richard Clark and Direct Energy's Ed Fuselier in the top positions. Both LaRoche and Maggio joined the committee after the 2013 conference. more
ATTENTION USERS: Upcoming webinars for F-class owner/operators

Join host CCJ and presenters from Sulzer Rotating Equipment Services for two complimentary webinars exclusively for owner/operators of gas turbines. Engines of focus will span the 501F, 7FA, and 6FA. Register today...



July 9: 501F Compressor Solutions

  • Rotor Unstacking and Compressor Rotor Repair
  • 501F Compressor Diaphragm Repair

July 17: Inspection and Repair of 7FA and 6FA GTs

  • 7FA Fuel Nozzle End Cover Repair
  • 6FA Rotor Disassembly and Inspection    more 

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