2014 Western Turbine Users Conference (WTUI): Issue #2

Axford expects 2014 gas-turbine orders from US owners to increase by 15% over 2013; sees 5% decline worldwide 

Mark Axford, the Houston-based consultant considered by many to be the leading independent expert on gas-turbine (GT) markets, predicted at the Western Turbine Users Inc's (WTUI) 24th Annual Conference & Expo in Palm Springs, Calif, last week, that US orders for GTs would increase by 15% this year over the nearly 6 GW purchased in 2013. Worldwide, he expects a decline of 5% from the 61 GW booked last year. The Eurozone's lingering recession is a significant factor in the downward pressure on international orders (less 800 MW in both 2012 and 2013). more 

Western Turbine XXIV characterized by content-rich presentations, revealing discussions 

Chuck Casey opened his first meeting as president of the Western Turbine Users Inc with the confidence and polish of a veteran leader. He began the 24th Annual Conference & Expo in Palm Springs, Calif, March 23-26, by announcing personnel changes in the WTUI leadership.

Casey, the Utility Generation Manager for RPU, announced that this was the third meeting in the last five years with an attendance of more than 1000-the new norm, perhaps. More than 350 companies (users and vendors) were involved in the conference; they came from 40 states and 11 countries (Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Tanzania, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, UK, France, Belgium, and Ecuador). more 

LM6000 report card: Control systems, HV equipment often a factor in forced outages 

In a closed-session presentation to owner/operators of LM6000 engines at the 24th Annual Conference & Expo of the Western Turbine Users Inc in Palm Springs, Calif, last week, Steve Giaquinto of Charlotte-based Strategic Power Systems Inc (SPS) reviewed fleet performance for the past five years (January 2009 through December 2013) based on ORAP® data. Then he identified the 10 top contributors to forced-outage incidents for 2013. more
One way to extend the life of your legacy Speedtronic control system

Controls obsolescence is always a hot topic at meetings of the WTUI given that users in attendance are responsible for LM2500s, LM5000s, LM6000s, and LMS100s ranging in age from less than one to more than 30 years. There is robust discussion on the subject in the breakout sessions, in the hallways, and in the exhibit hall where users can visit with perhaps two dozen or more companies involved in the supply of controls-related products and services ranging from complete DCS systems to card repair and field service. more 

Prognostics: Understanding the basics 

"Big Data is one of those phrases that make marketing types and journalists giddy," Jason Makansi, President, Pearl Street Inc, told the editors late last week. "It's kind of like green energy, smart grid, and clean coal. Then try to define it and see how sober everyone gets in a hurry. However, prognostics is one technology that is undisputedly big data." more 

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