2014 Siemens 501F and 501G Users Groups: Issue 1

SPECIAL REPORT: Generator inspection first step in avoiding failures attributed to dry stator-winding ties

Indiscriminate cost-cutting and/or inattention to detail during equipment manufacture, installation, operation, and/or maintenance are conducive to forced outages and unbudgeted expenses. Generally speaking, unrealistic expectations are to blame, not individuals charged with doing their jobs faster and at lower cost.

   That's simply the way it is in today's competitive generation business. How many times have you seen contracts let on the basis of merit rather than cost? Asset and plant managers take the rap when availability and generating capability go south, so it's in their best interest to share information on emerging issues. User groups are critical to this timely communication. Why should multiple plants be forced out of service for the same reason? more 

Mitsubishi's R1 turbine blade for the W501FD2 on track to run 72,000 hours

Mitsubishi has become a more aggressive competitor for North American gas-turbine business, both in new units and in the service/repair of engines without its nameplate, over the last couple of years. The acquisition of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems, commercial operation of the company's world-class Savannah Machinery Works, and its recent merger with Hitachi to create Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas Inc give MHPSA championship punching power. You can get the details on the company's website. more 

Experience in safe work practices puts some plant personnel on a par with experts

Members of the 501F and 501G Users Groups came together on the first day of their co-located 2014 meetings for a session on safe work practices and accident avoidance. The safety session has become an annual event for these proactive organizations, headed by Russ Snyder, plant manager, Cleco Power LLC, and Steve Bates, plant manager, Wise County Power Co LP, respectively. Discussion leader was Ray Martens, plant manager, Klamath Cogeneration Plant, who has handled the assignment for the last several years. This was an open forum with no formal presentations. 
501F&G users benefit from presentations by non-OEM equipment/services providers (1 of 2)
 The 501F and 501G Users Groups integrate more suppliers into their formal presentation program than any other user organization serving gas-turbine owner/operators. When the steering committees first encouraged widespread vendor participation in 2011, one could not have predicted the high degree of success the Vendorama segment of the annual meeting would achieve virtually overnight. Users do want to hear from vendors about their technologies, but they want to have a choice in what to listen to; Vendorama provides that flexibility. more
BEST PRACTICE: Regular inspection critical to avoiding collector-ring fires (video)

Visual inspections with the generator in operation can reveal problems such as short brushes, lead discoloration from carrying too much current, and grooving of the collector ring. But arming the technician with an ammeter and vibration probe makes him or her more effective. These instruments can help identify impending issues earlier than would a visual-only check. more 

Industry news: Doble generator workshop, company briefs
  • Gear up for Doble's Rotating Machinery & Electrical Plant Reliability workshop in Boston, April 9-11.
  • Eight Bells: Randy Rawson
  • News briefs from Evoqua, NV Energy, Siemens, Oil Filtration Systems, Cleaver-Brooks, NEM, Sentry Equipment, and Chromalloy   more 

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