2014 Western Turbine Users Conference (WTUI): Issue #1

The value proposition offered by HEPA filtration 

To some owner/operators, a filter is a filter, and the less you pay for it the better. A low-cost "garden variety" filter may be a good fit for a peaking unit that runs a few hundred hours a year, or less, in a location with "normal" ambient conditions. But that same filter might not be a wise choice at a seacoast location or in an area that gets an extreme amount of rainfall. Do your homework. Caveat emptor is something to keep in mind at all times. High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are at the opposite end of the spectrum from the most basic of air inlet filters. more 

AERO USERS: Benefit from robust technical program, training at Western Turbine, March 23-26; register now 

There are several especially good reasons to register today for the 24th Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Western Turbine Users Inc (WTUI) at the Palm Springs Convention Center/Renaissance Hotel, March 23-26. Most importantly, perhaps, is that aero gas turbines in peaking and cycling service are starting more often and running more hours than they have in recent years because of favorable gas prices and the need to "fill in" for must-take renewables when the wind stops blowing and clouds interrupt the flow of solar energy. more 

Strategies for LM6000 control system upgrades, replacements 

There's never enough time at any user-group meeting to cover all subjects of interest to the membership. Today, a topic of considerable importance to gas-turbine owner/operators in general, and LM6000 users in particular, is the upgrade/replacement of ageing control systems. The LM6000 product line, introduced two decades ago, has been equipped with several different control solutions over the years-a couple more successful than others. more 

Aero starts, hours in 2013 up sharply over 2008-2012 average based on ORAPĀ® data
Continual advancements in GT technology enable electric utilities and independent power producers to meet the demands of an ever-changing and challenging market reliably and efficiently and with minimal emissions, Sal DellaVilla, told the editors in a recent telephone interview. The CEO of Strategic Power Systems Inc (SPS) said today's drivers influencing O&M, as well as new product design, include the following:
  • Fast start-up times.
  • Impact of cyclic duty on parts life and maintenance schedules.
  • Load-following and load-shedding to back up intermittent renewables while meeting rigorous emissions standards.
  • The value of reserve or "sitting" capacity. more 

Gas turbines celebrate 75 years of service to the industry, WTUI a click away from 25 

This coming Independence Day, a double birthday celebration is in order: the 238th for the United States of America and the 75th for the modern gas turbine (GT). Septimus van der Linden, president, Brulin Associates LLC, who has been involved in the development of GT power projects for more than half a century, called the CCJ offices to remind the editors that the first GT to generate power for an electric utility was successfully tested at full power on July 7, 1939. more

WTUI 2014 Exhibition Details 

The annual exhibition at WTUI offers first-hand access to nearly 200 top suppliers of equipment and services for aero engines. Access a list of participants and map out your route here. more
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