2013 GE 7EA Users Group: Issue 2

Rotor end-of-life inspection: Negative findings unlikely

Perhaps the fastest way to get a meeting moving in high gear is to develop a first-day session around a compelling topic and have a panel of experts capable of answering any conceivable question an attendee would ask on that subject. At the 7EA Users Group's 2013 Conference in Monterey, Calif, October 22-24, rotor lifetime inspection and life extension was a top concern shared by many of the nearly 140 attendees representing a global fleet of more than 1200 7B-EAs. Pat Myers, plant manager, Ceredo Generating Station, an AEP facility with six 7EA simple-cycle peaking units, moderated the ask-the-experts forum. more

More 7EA compressor tip liberations: TIL 1854 remains in the headlines
The third article focusing on tip rubbing and liberation in 7EA compressors published in as many months in CCJ ONsite and the print CCJ hit the street a week ago today. The editors figured that would be the last article related to the content of TIL 1854, "Compressor Rotor Stages 2 and 3 Tip Loss," for a long while. No need for more coverage, everyone has to know about this by now. Not so. more
Squeeze more power from your GT with compressor washing, fogging, wet compression

Presentations on proven methods for increasing the output and/or improving the efficiency of gas turbines generally are well received by owners/operators. The 7EA Users Group steering committee invited two experts on performance enhancement to address delegates at the 2013 Conference: Wood Group GTS's Robert Burke and Mee Industries Inc's Thomas Mee. Burke covered water washing to assure high compressor efficiency, fogging and wet compression to boost power output, and automatic tuning and combustion dynamics monitoring to maintain GT performance at a high level. Mee, a globally recognized expert in fogging science and engineering, focused on his core expertise. more

Controls upgrade/replacement decision tree: Go DCS with OEM or alternative, opt for PLC-based system, do nothing
With reliable starting and high availability the mission goals for the majority of 7EAs in the US, upgrade money invested in these engines often goes into the control system. Makes perfect sense. This market opportunity was not lost on the steering committee for the 7EA Users Group, which arranged a panel and one formal presentation on control systems, or on the suppliers and integrators of control systems that participated in the vendor fair at the organization's 2013 Conference. more
Make informed filter purchase decisions based on compressor health, turbine performance

Add a descriptionInlet air filters were uncharacteristically absent from the published program for the 2013 Conference of the 7EA Users Group. However, air filters were included in one of several open discussion sessions led by Pat Myers, plant manager of AEP's Ceredo Generating Station, and there were more than half a dozen suppliers of this equipment at the vendor fair. Plus, there was a filter presentation during the half-day GE fleet update. Experience with HEPA filters was one of the first open-discussion topics. more

CHECKLIST facilitates troubleshooting of ignition-system components

Turbine Technics' Shawn Burdge, a familiar face at user-group meetings, shared his knowledge on ignition-system troubleshooting with owner/operators attending the 7EA Users Group 2013 Conference. Burdge began by saying troubleshooting will reveal only that a malfunction has occurred in one of the three primary components of your ignition system: the exciter, ignition lead, or igniter plug. more

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