2013 Siemens 501F and 501G Users Groups: Issue 1

501F, 501G UG meetings: Attend to learn about new issues, how to improve performance

The first major user group meetings of 2014, the 501F and 501G, are coming up fast-faster still when you consider the schedule gap created by the year-end holidays. Both conferences will run concurrently from Sunday, February 16, through Thursday, February 20, at the Westin Mission Hills Resort & Spa in Rancho Mirage, Calif. The two groups will come together for discussions on issues of mutual interest, vendor fair, meals, and social events. About 200 owner/operators are expected to attend the annual event. 
Pick the brains of the OEM's engineers at the 501F Users Group meeting, February 16-20
The steering committees for the 501F and 501G Users Groups, chaired by Plant Managers Russ Snyder of Cleco Power LLC and Steven Bates of Wise County Power Co LLC, respectively, work closely with Siemens Energy Inc's Frame Owners Elizabeth Loveland for the F engines, and Mark Carter for the Gs, to assure conference attendees get the technical foundation needed to extract maximum value from the generating assets they manage. more
COMING SOON, your spring outage: Finish on-time, on-budget with better planning, preparation, execution

Freddy Alvarez has managed his share of gas-turbine (GT) outages. The former plant manager, now director of operations for Wood Group GTS, and his colleague Chris Wilkinson, VP major maintenance, told GT users participating the webinar "Delivering a cost-effective outage on-time and on-budget," that a success-based attitude is what's critical to dealing with the unexpected and still achieving project goals. "You know going into the outage that you may find something wrong," Alvarez opined. "Having said that, the only question is, 'How do we still achieve success?'" more

Users push tomorrow's automation technology into today's plants
It's no secret that quality technology transfer takes place increasingly at user-group meetings. This year's Ovation Users Group meeting, sponsored by Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, was no exception. Ovation, of course, is the DCS of choice for many 501F users. Highlights included: experience with virtualization; the expansion of open-architecture connectivity; more innovation in wireless applications; making valves smarter; escalating situational awareness for operators; and embedding advanced predictive, prognostic, and optimization capabilities in control systems. more
Develop a robust preservation program to protect plant equipment during lay-ups

Inactive powerplant equipment can suffer rapid and oftentimes irreversible damage when left unprotected and exposed to the natural environment. Such exposure can occur before the plant has been completed, as well as after commissioning. Prior to commercial operation, preservation procedures should be implemented and sustained from the time equipment is manufactured until the plant for which it is intended is declared operational. more

INDUSTRY NEWS: New GT online forum, Cutsforth assists young engineers
  • Global forum for gas turbines launched to serve owner/operators, other interested parties
  • Bridging the gap between raw talent and experience
  • News briefs from Wood Group GTS, NAES, Victory Energy, ProEnergy, and Ameren more


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