2013 CTOTF Fall Turbine Forum: Issue #4

HEADS-UP for 7FA owner/operators: Cracking of R0 dovetails
If you've been particularly busy lately and weren't aware of Technical Information Letter (TIL) 1907, "Rotor Forward Shaft Dovetail Crack," issued by GE on Oct 7, 2013, it's important to review the document as soon as possible, several users told the editors. It concerns cracking of dovetails in the R0 disc at the edge of contact between the blades and the wheel.

      It is not easy to describe in a few words which of the many variations of 7FAs are affected, so the first thing to do is to get the TIL and figure out if you should be concerned. Photos within the advisory provide encouragement to be proactive. The OEM conducted a webinar last week on the subject. If you missed that, perhaps you can see a recording. more

Frame 5N rotor returned to plant better than new following EOL inspection, repairs
Gas-turbine rotors have a finite lifetime. For GE frames, Technical Information Letter (TIL) 1576 mandates an end-of-life (EOL) inspection for safety reasons after 200,000 factored hours of operation or 5000 factored starts, whichever comes first. A user attending the CTOTF™ Fall Conference, September 8-12, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, recently had completed an EOL inspection on a Frame 5N rotor with more than 5000 starts at the Dresser-Rand Turbine Technology Services (D-R) shop in Houston and offered to share that experience with colleagues through CCJ ONsite. more

LATE NEWS: Wood Group, Siemens update industry on joint venture at Power-Gen

At a press conference conducted during Power-Gen International that ended only few minutes ago (Tuesday, November 12, 3 pm US East Coast time), Mark Dobler, CEO Wood Group GTS, Neil Sigmund, CEO TurboCare, and Chris Watson, CFO Wood Group GTS, updated the electric power industry on developments surrounding the recently announced joint venture between Wood Group GTS (51%) and Siemens' TurboCare business (49%). more
Cooling tower inspection, maintenance dominate combined-cycle session

CTOTF's™ Combined Cycle Roundtable is charged with keeping users current on equipment and technologies associated with the Rankine cycle-heat-recovery steam generators, steam turbines, valves, piping, heat-rejection systems, etc. At the user group's Fall Conference, the session chaired by Rick Shackelford, plant manager, Green Country Energy LLC, featured presentations on HEPA solutions for GT inlet air filtration, wet cooling towers, and main and reheat steam valves. These presentations are available to all employees of gas-turbine owner/operators by simply registering online for access to CTOTF's Presentations Library. more

Learning module on practical combustion operation theory ideal for plant-level training

CT-Tech™ is an additional training opportunity offered by the Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum™ on one or two evenings of each spring and fall meeting-at no added cost to the attendee. It provides expanded instruction and training in plant operations and design theory on user-identified subjects.

      "Gas Turbine Combustion Operation Theory" was developed and presented by Kjalid Oumejjoud, a senior combustion engineering manager for PSM, an Alstom company. He has been involved in the design and development of combustion systems for both E- and F-class engines for more than a decade and has several patents to his credit. more

Transition pieces, combustion liners, fuel nozzles, gas supply valves, battery monitoring

CTOTF™ GE E- and Legacy-Class Chair Pierre Boehler and Vice Chair Ed Wong, both of NRG Energy, proved magicians once again, cramming about a day's worth of solid presentations and discussion into the four hours allocated for their session. The meeting room for this roundtable was packed as usual because of the large number of users served-all those with Frames 5, 6B, and 7B-EA engines. Together, the session leaders bring about 60 years of relevant experience to the front of the room. more

Thinking about gas-turbine M&D? Don't overlook Chromalloy's Tiger

One of the featured presentations at CTOTF's™ Generator, High-Voltage, and I&C Roundtable was "Techniques for Effective Monitoring and Diagnostics of Gas Turbines," by Dr Charlie Nicol, diagnostic systems manager for Turbine Services Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chromalloy. The presentation extended the underlying theme of the user group's 2013 Fall Conference -diagnostics and predictive analytics-through the final day of the meeting. more


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