2013 CTOTF Fall Turbine Forum: Issue #3

M&D warns when equipment is not performing properly; MD&P tells you when it will fail

The Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum™ (CTOTF) once again demonstrated its commitment to bring the organization's members and conference attendees interactive discussions on technologies that promise to improve plant performance. At its 38th annual Fall Meeting, held September 8-12 in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, users were treated to quality presentations on fleet-wide monitoring and diagnostic (M&D) centers, new automation and knowledge management techniques, and a relatively new field-lately called prognostics. That was just the first day. more

7F compressor inspections reveal cracking in unflared S0 upper-half vanes and R0/R1 dovetails, significant clashing damage

If high availability is a goal for your generation assets, inspect gas turbines often and thoroughly. That thought came across loud and clear at the annual 7EA Users Group meeting last month when more than one-third of the attendees participating in a survey reported having had compressor "events" at their plants. While inspections are not cheap, many users agree they are "chump change" when compared to the cost of replacement capital parts.

      There's no reason to assume the results would have been different had 7F owner/operators been polled at the 38th annual CTOTF™ Fall Conference, September 8-12, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Advanced Turbine Support LLC's President Rod Shidler and Field Service Manager Mike Hoogsteden said recent inspections conducted by their technicians had revealed cracking of S0 airfoils in unflared F-class compressors. more

Webinar on proposed GHG standards offers useful tips to generators planning new GTs
A mid-October webinar on the impacts of the EPA's proposed greenhouse gas (GHG) standards for new generating facilities powered by gas turbines, presented by ERM in conjunction with CTOTF™ and the Combined Cycle Journal, reached out to GT owner/ operators not able to attend the user group's fall conference a few weeks earlier. At that meeting, Scott Weaver, ERM Partner for Air and Climate Services, reviewed the highlights of the proposed standards during the Regulatory and Compliance environmental session and recommended users consider participation in the rule-making process. more
HEPA filters, innovative turbine inlet cooling assure top performance from Solar engines
Solar Roundtable Chair William Chen, PE, who is responsible for O&M at the Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts' Calabasas Landfill Power Plant, developed a solid technical program for this session-one focusing on achieving top performance from gas-turbine assets and resolving issues during commissioning and early operation. Interestingly, while there are hundreds of generating units in North America powered by engines manufactured by Solar Turbines Inc, CTOTF™ is the only independent user organization the editors know to be serving that community of owner/operators. more

The evolution continues for P&W engines in power-generation service

CTOTF continues to support the FT4, which was developed from P&W's J75/JT4 turbojet line, as well as the Frame 5. In fact, it is the only independent user group known by the editors to serve owner/operators of these engines. Shortly after Knauf transitioned to EPRI, the FT8 was introduced for power generation service, based on the proven JT8D aircraft engine. CTOTF's Pratt & Whitney Roundtable added the FT8 to its agenda shortly thereafter. Later the FT8-1, as the first release came to be known, was equipped with a DLN combustion system and called the FT8-2. More recently, the FT8-1 was upgraded to increase power output on hot days (90F ambient and above) by about 15%. It is called the FT8-3. more

CCJ's 2014 Best Practices Awards

Get your plant staff the recognition it deserves. With the deadline for submissions fast approaching, it is that time of year to get your entries into the editors of CCJ. Award categories are:

  • Fast starts.
  • New skills/workforce development.
  • Water management
  • Performance improvements.
  • Plant safety procedures.
  • Outage management.
  • O&M: Generators, transformers, HV electrical.
  • O&M, mechanical: Major equipment, BOP.
  • Predictive analytics/M&D centers.                more

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