2013 CTOTF Fall Turbine Forum: Issue #1

Fast-start/fast-ramp peaker produces 180 MW in 12 minutes, holds emissions within tight California standards

Over the last couple of years, Siemens Energy Inc and Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas Inc have strengthened their positions among the technology leaders for frame gas turbines. Siemens' successes include H-class and fast-start/fast-ramp combined cycles, Mitsubishi's include 501GAC-powered combined cycles and its giant J-class GT. Power producers evidently have been impressed, judging from the two-to-one advantage the two companies held over perennial market leader GE Energy in sales of frames for US electric generation in 2012 (capacity basis). more

CTOTF's Regulatory and Compliance Roundtable gains an industry following

Chairman Scott Takinen, director of executive projects for fossil generation at APS, and subject-matter Vice Chairs Kimberly Williams of NV Energy and Alan Bull of NAES Corp, recognize that plant managers and supervisory personnel are having a difficult time keeping up with new regulatory requirements. Paperwork has become nearly a full-time job for some plant executives. Having access to Williams, expert in air and water regulations, and Bull, expert in NERC and FERC regulations, can get you answers to most questions quickly or at least give an educated view on where to look for answers. CTOTF attendees agree: The R&C Roundtable was voted the best session at the spring meeting. more
A gas-turbine controls upgrade likely is in your future. The question is, when?

Controls upgrades are a hot discussion topic among gas-turbine (GT) users these days for many reasons. Included among them might be a need to:

  • Comply with NERC reliability standards.
  • Improve engine availability, thereby allowing the opportunity to sell power whenever it is profitable to do so.
  • Accommodate engine upgrades aimed at boosting output, starting faster, backing up intermittent renewables, etc.
  • Eliminate components no longer supported by the OEM and/or others.
  • Be able to effectively troubleshoot your control system and maintain it in-house. more
Minimize risk of a catastrophic 7EA compressor failure by expanding the scope of in-situ inspections
Tip losses on R2 and R3 compressor blades have been suffered by a few machines in the 7EA fleet. The OEM's Technical Information Letter (TIL) 1854, released Aug 27, 2012, attributes the tip losses to heavy rubs and/or corrosion pitting, and considers the phenomenon low risk to unit operation and reliability. However, at least a couple of compressors reportedly have been badly damaged in the last 18 months. Insurers might be less inclined to rate the level of risk as "low." more
Frame 5 upgraded to profitability

A few years ago, Frame 5s generally were viewed as gas turbines without a future in the generation sector of the US electric power industry. But increasing reliance on intermittent renewables has restored their value in many locations as a reliable resource when the wind stops blowing and/or the sun stops shining. An example was provided by Mike Moore, senior VP for optimization and upgrades in Wood Group GTS's Power Plant Services business unit, who called the CCJ editorial offices to share information on an upgrade project that delivered a rapid return on investment. more

Green GT project integrates automation, monitoring, remote capability, digital intelligence within PLC architecture

An experienced powerplant engineer would probably approach Ameren Corp's Maryland Heights Renewable Energy Center thinking, "this is a public relations nightmare." It's a landfill gas (LFG)-to-megawatts facility in a densely populated suburban community outside of St. Louis, Mo, adjacent to a public high school with 2500 students, and sandwiched between two major Interstates. In no time, however, you'd change your mind. more

"Value Minutes" help guide development of CTOTF's roundtable agendas

Feedback on virtually everything we do is valuable, helping those receptive to constructive criticism avoid the pitfalls of continuing in the wrong direction. The Leadership Committee guiding the content of CTOTF's™ meetings is a talented group of more than 30 engineers and subject-matter experts, but even they don't have all the answers. As part of its goal of continuous improvement, the committee implemented a feedback program a couple of years back to gauge what attendees were learning and what they thought valuable in terms of takeaway from the meetings. more

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