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Heat-Recovery Steam Generators: Issue #1

How to design, retrofit drum-type HRSGs to cycle, start faster

Vogt Power's HRSG University came to Las Vegas June 27 for a full day of presentations and collaborative discussion conducted by Chief Thermal Engineer Kelly Flannery and two members of the boiler manufacturer's aftermarket and field services team, Peter Allison and Deron Johnston. The informative program, presented without commercials beyond a 10-min review of who Vogt Power International is and what it does, appeared well-received by two dozen or more "locals" from NV Energy and other power producers in the area. more

Acoustic monitoring alerts operators on HRSG tube leaks in real time 

The use of acoustic monitoring to detect tube leaks in steam generators is not new. The technology has been applied successfully for years in boilers serving conventional steam plants, as well as in recovery boilers for the pulp-and-paper industry and in feedwater heaters. Now, thanks to what EPRI calls a "tailored collaboration project" involving the research organization, Dynegy Inc's Ontelaunee Energy Center, and Mistras/Triple 5 Industries, acoustic monitoring has been adapted for use in some heat-recovery steam generators. more

Remember to inspect HRSG inlet, firing ducts regularly; repair cracks quickly

7F gas turbines sometimes are installed as simple-cycle peakers, but they generally power combined cycles, and the information needs of owner/operators often extend beyond the basic GT. Thus the bookends of 7F User Group annual meetings for the last several years have been a robust half-day workshop on heat-recovery steam generators conducted by HRST Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, and a half-day session on A-10 and D-11 steam turbines managed by the steering committee with technical assistance from the OEM. more

HRSG conference program lacking in new content, depth

There was not much new to write about from the 2013 HRSG User's Group meeting, held in Tampa, April 29-May 1. Presentations and discussion offered little in the way of emerging technology challenges and minimal detail on new subject matter of interest. But there were hundreds of industry people in attendance-users, vendors, and consultants-and nearly 70 exhibitors, so if mingling was your primary goal, the conference undoubtedly met expectations. more

The science and art of quality weld repairs

Proper selection and application of weld technologies for the repair of high-temperature components in heat-recovery steam generators and high-energy piping systems is critical to maintaining the high availability and reliability demanded of combined-cycle plants. European Technology Development's Chief Metallurgist Dr David Robertson and Director Dr Ahmed Shibli discussed with the editors the industry experience ETD has compiled in a comprehensive report that the research organization believes is of great value to owner/operators of generating plants. more

NDE identifies birth defects, wear and tear in tube-to-header weld area

Tube leaks are the leading cause of forced outages in coal-fired boilers and EPRI research suggests they also are the major cause of damage to multi-pressure combined-cycle plants. Carryover of water into tube bundles, dewpoint corrosion, offline corrosion, high-temperature oxidation, and metal fatigue from cycling-among other mechanisms-contribute to, or are the direct cause of, tube failures in heat-recovery steam generators. more

HRSGs headline program for Combined Cycle Users Group's annual meeting

Compared to gas turbines, HRSGs and steam turbines are underserved by users groups. The Combined Cycle Users Group and a few GT user organizations (such as CTOTF™, 7F, 501F, and Western Turbine) have expanded agendas to meet the emerging information needs on this equipment for their members. Example: The CCUG's 2013 Annual Conference, September 3 - 5, at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, has two sessions focusing on aspects of heat-recovery steam generators not previously discussed in an open forum known to the steering committee. more

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