2013 7F Users Group Annual Conference: Issue #3

Accurate fuel-nozzle flow testing critical to optimal DLN2.6 operation

Sometimes you think you know something until you listen to someone who really knows that something, making you aware of how little you really know. Fuel-nozzle flow testing may be one of those things. Mitch Cohen of Orlando-based Turbine Technology Services Corp (TTS), a respected combustion-system expert, presented work on that subject developed by EPRI during the vendor presentation portion of the 7F Users Group annual conference. Judging from the questions, there were some bona fide subject-matter experts at the 45-min SRO breakout session for owner/operators. more

HRSGs demand more than just visual inspections 

Boiler expert Bryan Craig, PE, urged users attending HRST Inc's special HRSG Spotlight Session at last week's 7F Users Group annual conference in Greenville, SC, to consider going beyond the "standard" visual inspection of their HRSGs. Unit age, cyclic operating history, and findings during previous inspections are among the variables that should be factored into your decision, he said. more

More 7F user discussion: Safety, combustion, turbine, generator sessions

While the compressor ate up the lion's share of the user discussion period, there was still plenty of time to devote to numerous issues like fall protection, lean blowout, gas ring cracks, flex seal failure, and floating hydrogen seals. more

Webinar promises a cost-effective outage on time, on budget

Register today for a user-only webinar on June 14 that will help you prepare for your next outage as never before. The benefit to your company, your plant, and you: A cost-effective overhaul, on time and on budget.

   Who should participate: Plant and asset managers and others at generating plants and HQ locations responsible for planning and conducting outages for heavy industrial frame turbines in simple-cycle plants, cogeneration facilities, and combined cycles. more


Vendor presentations cover combined cycles from A to Z

The 7F Users Group dedicates a portion of the schedule to vendor presentations. At the 2013 conference, there were a dozen vendor presentations-arranged in two 45-min sessions. The steering committee decides which of the three dozen or so presentations offered will be aired. Content is critical; step over the line into a sales pitch and you're not invited back. more

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