2013 7F Users Group Annual Conference: Issue #2

Best practices, lessons learned from compressor session paid expenses several times over

Compressor presentations and discussion traditionally take most of the first morning at 7F User Group meetings and this year was no different. The session ran nearly three hours, including the coffee break. The other sessions-safety, controls, auxiliaries, combustion, turbine, and generator-typically are budgeted half that time or a bit less. One of the six compressor presentations was covered in 7F CCJ ONsite 1, published about a week ago; the others are summarized here. more

Borescope clinic: Condition-based maintenance demands good intel 

Mike Hoogsteden, field service manager for Advanced Turbine Support LLC, reminded 7F users in Greenville (SC) last week that the intelligence gathered during periodic borescope inspections is critical to getting top performance from their engines. About half of the O&M personnel attending the 7F User Group's annual conference were first-timers and benefitted considerably from Hoogsteden's review of (1) what Advanced Turbine Support's inspectors are seeing in the field and (2) several important Technical Information Letters (TIL) released by the OEM for this fleet. more

Control systems earn higher profile at the 7F annual conference

To upgrade, migrate, or extend commercial viability... 

The controls session at the 7F Users Group meeting has expanded in scope over the last couple of years to help owner/operators address multiple challenges-including diminished OEM support of legacy control systems and the need for tighter operational control to accommodate renewables, satisfy NERC CIP requirements, reduce emissions, etc. Several recent additions to the steering committee with controls experience have contributed significantly to the more robust program. more

Webinar promises a cost-effective outage on time, on budget

Register today for a user-only webinar on June 14 that will help you prepare for your next outage as never before. The benefit to your company, your plant, and you: A cost-effective overhaul, on time and on budget.


Who should participate: Plant and asset managers and others at generating plants and headquarters locations responsible for planning and conducting outages for heavy industrial frame turbines in simple-cycle plants, cogeneration facilities, and combined cycles. more


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