2013 7F Users Group Annual Conference: Issue #1

7F Users weather a blizzard of information on Day One; Direct Energy tailors chiller retrofit to maximize economic gain

Tuesday, the first full day of the 7F Users Group's 2013 Conference, started on the double-quick and maintained that pace until the final bell. Chairman Sam Graham, maintenance manager at Tenaska Virginia Generating Station, cracked the whip on a user-only morning session that featured six content-rich compressor-section presentations and a lively open discussion on safety. more

Lowly corrosion pit initiates catastrophic compressor failure 

It seems hard to believe, but a corrosion pit, so small that it's hardly visible, can bring down a large frame gas turbine. That was the sobering message from the first user to address the opening compressor session at the 7F Users Group conference, held this week at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville, SC. The case history presented to the 7F users described the wreck of a simple-cycle machine with 700 starts while it was at full speed, no load. Borescope inspection revealed extensive damage to the rotating and stationary compressor blades. But that assessment hardly described the damage found when the unit was opened and the rotor removed. It did not appear that any airfoil was left unscathed. more

headsUP: Stellite delamination in HP, HRH steam valves

The editors first learned of stellite delamination in a large valve designed for high-pressure (HP)/high-temperature steam service at the 2009 7F Users Group conference. But all the attention that incident received was a brief mention late in a long user presentation profiling the major inspection of a combined-cycle plant. No questions were asked about the issue, at least none that the editors can recall, and the incident slipped through their minds-possibly yours too. The photo included here is of stellite liberated from the seat of a 20-in. hot-reheat block valve installed at that presenter's plant and collected in the strainer for the steam turbine's combined stop and control valve. more

How to boost HRSG performance and increase your plant's bottom line

The performance thieves lurking in many heat-recovery steam generators sometimes can be eliminated with relatively little effort and at low cost, Lester Stanley, PE, told owner/operators attending HRST Inc's HRSG Spotlight Session at the 7F Users Group annual conference being held this week at the Hyatt Regency, Greenville, SC.

The ideas and experience offered by Stanley and colleague Bryan Craig, PE, during the four-hour workshop on Monday morning were of high interest, judging from the questions and floor discussion generated. That these attendees were a motivated group there was no doubt. more

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