2013 CTOTF Spring Turbine Forum: Issue #4

Keep turbine/generators, HV equipment in top condition 

Latest diagnostic tools, proactive maintenance focus of eight-hour session

No user group serving gas turbine owner/operators covers generators, high-voltage (HV) equipment, and I&C to the degree CTOTF™ does. The day-long Gen-EI&C Roundtable conducted at the 38th annual Spring Turbine Users Conference and Trade Show, chaired by Moh Saleh, Engineering Manager at SRP's Desert Basin Generating Station, offered four presentations with actionable content:

  • 7FH2 Generator Noise
  • Generator Belly Bands
  • Ultrasound for Arc Flash and Electrical Failure Detection
  • Early Warning of Stator-Vane Cracking in CTs  more

7FA exhaust system inspection: What took a bite out of these R3 turbine buckets?

President Rod Shidler and Field Service Manager Mike Hoogsteden of Advanced Turbine Support LLC had no sooner finished presenting on the results of recent inspections of Siemens 501FD2s and GE aeros when one of the company's technicians forwarded photos of significant damage to the trailing edges of 41 third-stage buckets on a GE7FA. It looks as if something took a bite out of the buckets. more

Evaluate the regulatory impacts of upgrades before you buy

These are tough times for electric utilities. Many people seem to believe they know more about the business of producing and delivering electricity than company executives, who are challenged daily by demanding questions and opinions from regulators, politicians, customers, special-interest groups, and others about everything from species displaced by new infrastructure to the unfair price of electricity produced "free" from solar and wind resources. more

NERC Corner: PRC-005

Revisions to the second-most violated NERC standard, are in the FERC queue; come up to speed on the changes

NERC/FERC compliance matters dominated the afternoon session of CTOTF's™ Regulatory and Compliance Roundtable with Vice Chair Alan Bull of NAES Corp making formal presentations on the latest version of PRC-005, "Transmission and Generation Protection System Maintenance and Testing," and the key elements of a strong internal compliance program. more

Federal regulations just the starting point for air permit requirements

It wasn't even 8 a.m. Pacific time when the editors received the following note from a West Coast subscriber regarding the NSPS article in our last CCJ ONsite, released late the previous evening: "I was reviewing your current article in CCJ about NSPS and it appears to be misleading in regards to requirements for NOx on startup and shutdown. [Our article said EPA has proposed to include startup and shutdown activities in emissions standards.] This is a requirement within California as it pertains to our air permits. We also have to show compliance every seven years through an RAA [relative accuracy audit] that is required per 40 CFR 60." more

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