2013 CTOTF Spring Turbine Forum: Issue #3

Proposed changes to NSPS for gas turbines considered onerous by many users 

That plant managers and supervisors are having a difficult time keeping up with environmental regulations was obvious from the strained facial expressions on many attendees during the Regulatory and Compliance Roundtable's opening presentation, "Proposed Revisions to Combustion Turbine NSPS," by NV Energy's Kimberly Williams. Don't let the plain-vanilla title fool you. The presentation's content provided credibility to a message delivered by a user on Monday that went something like this: Don't be lulled to sleep thinking the federal government is just trying to eliminate coal as an energy source for electric generation; it has declared war on all fossil fuels, and natural gas is next. more

Clean oil, quality parts, maintenance keep E-class and legacy engines running reliably

CTOTF's™ GE E-class and Legacy Roundtable, led by Chairman Pierre Boehler and Vice Chairman Ed Wong, both employees of NRG Energy Inc, never disappoints. Many gas turbines in the multiple fleets served-including Frame 5s, 6Bs, 7B-Es, and 7EAs-are more than 20 years old; relatively few are held captive by long-term service agreements. With owners increasingly parsimonious, the plant-level engineering and maintenance solutions required to keep these machines operating, or ready to run, promote valuable discussion and sharing of ideas, best practices, and lessons learned. more

501FD2 users add thru bolts to their growing list of engine components to inspect regularly

It's unlikely that many, if any, owner/operators of Siemens 501FD2 gas turbines would be surprised to learn that two units in the fleet suffered compressor thru-bolt failures during 2012-the first such failures experienced. The OEM has alerted its customers and shared available information-most recently at the 501F Users Group 2013 Conference in Charlotte a couple of weeks ago. Investigations of the incidents are on-going. CCJ Onsite will report on the 501F and 501G meetings (conducted in parallel) in early May.

   SRP's Mike Rutledge, chair of CTOTF's™ Siemens 501F- and G-class Roundtable, knows first-hand about one of the failures so it's not surprising the topic was included in that four-hour session on the final day of the spring meeting. more

Checklist guides inspection of wet cooling towers

CTOTF's™ Combined Cycle Roundtable, chaired by Erik Knutson, an assistant plant manager for Colorado Energy Management, dedicated two hours of its half-day session at the Spring Turbine Forum to wet cooling towers and SCR catalyst. With CTOTF the only user organization actively supporting wet towers, the inspection checklist presented by Ken Mortensen, an R&D project manager for SPX Cooling Technologies, was especially well received by attendees. The SPX/Marley veteran has managed several engineering and operations departments over his 34-yr career, so he knows wet towers from all angles-including water quality, materials selection, operations, maintenance, makeup treatment, etc. more

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