2013 Western Turbine Users Conference (WTUI): Issue #3

The 2013 Axford Report: Bullish on USA

Predicts 25% more GT capacity will be ordered for electric generation in the US this year than in 2012


Mark Axford, the Houston-based turbine consultant considered by many to be the leading independent expert on gas-turbine markets, predicted at the Western Turbine Users Inc's (WTUI) annual meeting last week that US orders for GTs would increase by 25% this year compared to 2012. Worldwide, he expects only a 5% increase, with the Eurozone's crippling recession a major factor in the downward pressure on orders (below 800 MW last year). more

LM6000 report card: Control systems, components often a factor in forced outages

In a presentation to the owner/operators of LM6000 engines at the 23rd Annual Meeting of the Western Turbine Users Inc in San Diego last week, Steve Giaquinto of Charlotte-based Strategic Power Systems Inc (SPS), reviewed fleet performance for the past five years (January 2008 through December 2012) based on ORAP® data, and then identified the 10 top contributors to forced-outage incidents for 2012. more

Control system retrofits, HRSGs create a 'buzz' in the Western Turbine exhibit hall

Control system retrofits for aeros, LM6000s in particular, were a top discussion topic among users walking the exhibit hall at the 23rd Annual Conference of the Western Turbine Users Inc last week. The Western Turbine meeting features the most robust exhibition among the user groups serving gas turbine owners and operators with well over 150 companies participating. WTUI's expo also offers more face time with vendors than the other groups; no other activities are on the schedule for nine of the 20 hours the exhibit hall is open. more 

Enhance competiveness, compliance with an LM6000 controls upgrade

A large percentage of forced outages in the LM6000 fleet are attributed to control systems and their components according to ORAP® data for 2012. Impending control system obsolescence for a large portion of the LM6000 fleet is driving upgrades as market response, unit flexibility, and cybersecurity become more critical to operation. Understanding all options available-from business as usual to an OEM solution to an open-architecture platform-is necessary when weighing the costs, benefits, and risks for your plant. more

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