2013 CTOTF Spring Turbine Forum: Issue #1

Users benefit from PSM, Advanced Turbine

Support cooperation on GT inspections,

engineering assessments, repair services

Third-party suppliers of parts and services for simple-cycle, cogeneration, and combined-cycle plants powered by gas turbines (GT) are critical to the success of asset owners struggling to turn a profit in the highly competitive electric generation business.

   The ability of these vendors to create value for their customers was illustrated again last week with the announcement by PSM and Advanced Turbine Support of a collaborative bundling of GT services, from engine inspections through engineering assessments of indications to repairs. The last can include complete field service, and parts repair and/or replacement as required. more  

CTOTF expands Regulatory and Compliance

Roundtable, maintains in-depth coverage of

Siemens, GE, P&W, Mitsubishi engines

Reserve your seat today for CTOTF's™ 38th annual Spring Turbine Users Conference and Trade Show, April 7-11 in Myrtle Beach, SC. TVA's Bob Kirn, chairman of the Combustion Turbine Operations Technical Forum™, and the Leadership Committee of more than 30 subject-matter experts, have compiled a content-rich program encompassing 16 half-day technical sessions ("roundtables" in CTOTF speak), plus presentations by Best Practices Awards recipients, a CT-Tech™ workshop on fabric expansion joints, and a robust four-hour equipment/services exhibition. more

Tweaking the Brayton, Rankine cycles to

take advantage of new market opportunities

With gas-turbine OEMs offering combined cycles at efficiencies topping 60%, in some cases, you might think you've heard the last about cycle improvements. But that's not true. A few enterprising and equipment-savvy engineers recently have identified ways to tweak the Brayton and Rankine cycles to address shifts in the electric generation business caused by changes in regulations. more

REMINDER: Clashing occurs in 7FAs as well

as 7EAs

Earlier this week, Field Service Manager Mike Hoogsteden called CCJ's editorial offices to say that an Advanced Turbine Support inspection team had just found significant clashing damage in a 7FA. Note that clashing between the trailing edge of rotor blades and the leading of stator vanes almost always occurs in Stage 1 of 7EA compressors and in Stages 2 and 3 of 7FA compressors. In this most recent case, the damage was identified in Stage 3 of an unflared 7F compressor and was severe enough to cause a forced outage. Hoogsteden reminded that the probability of clashing is not necessarily related to unit operating history. more

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