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Replacing a Decaying Deck
by Jeff Edmonds          Edmonds Design & Construction
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A redwood deck lasts about 25 years.  Then it needs complete replacement.

Framing and decking becomes soft and weak having been exposed to sun, rain, and mold. 

Building codes have changed, and decks are now designed to be stronger, and to last longer.

  • For this deck we wanted it to be larger and stronger.  First I created a plan. Using Chief Architect CAD design, I  drew up the new framing, railing, decking and stairs per the owners request.ChiefArchitectCADSoftware.
  • We were planning on using Timber Tech PVC decking and railing materials.  www.timbertech.com
  • We needed the plan for a building permit.  The city requires one and there have been a number of decks that have failed dramatically in the last few years. 


New Deck Floor Plan and Elevation


3-D view of new deck.
Rem Removing
Deck Plan and Elevation.
Existing decaying deck
  • Removing the old deck, creating the plan, obtaining the permit, and building the new deck cost about $30,000.00.  
  • Total Square Footage of deck and stairs is 332 Square Feet.
  • This could be reduced to a cost of $90.00/SF
  • Included in this cost is old deck removal, plans, and permits, as well as new construction.
New TimberTech deck

New stairs

Deck Surface
Strengthened framing for new deck.

Jeff Edmonds is a designer and contractor on the Monterey Peninsula and is able to create this solution for your home.  
email: jeffedmonds@edmondsconstruction.com
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