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               Wishing you a very joyful and happy Thanksgiving!  
This is what we have been working on most recently.
The job request was to remove a wood burning stove and to install a gas, direct vent fireplace in a home in Pacific Grove. 

                                         Gas Fireplace
                      Wood to Gas--A short comparison
    Wood is a renewable fuel.  It is relatively costly to buy at about $350.00 or more per cord.  It has to be cut, split, transported, and stored in a dry place.  Then it has to be loaded into the stove, and a fire started.  Every time the stove door is opened, there is soot, ash, and smoke that is released into the rooms.  It can be a charming way to partially heat your home, and lots of people love the smell and crackle of a real wood fire.   
    Natural gas as a fuel is plentiful and relatively cheap and is likely to be so for the near future. The advantages of a gas fireplace are:
No fuel to load or ashes to remove.
Instant fire, starts heating immediately.
No lag time before and after the burn.
No smoke, soot, or ash enters the room.
Closed combustion burners bring in outside air, and exhaust flue gas directly outside. 
Heating is thermostatically controlled from a remote.
There is a close resemblance to an actual wood fire. 
The disadvantages of the gas fireplace are:
Cost, The units start at $2000.00 and average more after the fireplace mantle box, mantel, and tiles or decoration are installed. 
A gas line also needs to be installed to the unit. 
Wood Stove Befopre
Wood Stove
We applied for and received a permit from the City of Pacific Grove  First we removed the wood stove and flue, and sealed off the chimney cap.
A wood frame box was then built to fit the gas fireplace. 
The exterior hole through the siding was cut to accomodate the gas flue.
The gas and electric lines were installed.
The fireplace itself was installed and connected to the outside flue. 


Roughed in for plaster & finish.
   Coast Building Products of Salinas,Ca. installed the Lennox fireplace with a blower and a remote. The venting is above the fireplace and turns 90 degrees to exit the home. 
Next we installed plaster with an old world finish and color on the sides and face of the fireplace. 
The mantle is a solid 2" piece of Monterey Cypress from Jackel Enterprises in Watsonville. It was finished in a natural linseed oil type finish.
While we had the wall open for the framing, we installed all cables and wires necessary for the LCD TV and surround sound system. 
The job took about two weeks, and cost  around $7000.00. 
Jeff Edmonds would like to help you design and build your fireplace. Give me a call if you need design or remodeling on the Monterey Peninsula.  
Final View Fireplace
Monterey Cypress Mantle/ Old World Plaster Finish
Finished fireplace with TV above


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