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        I was  recently asked to look into the possibility of installing new carpet and picking new paint colors at the Naturopathic Medical Clinic in Santa Cruz, Ca.  www.scnmc.com.

(Naturopathic Medicine is a unique and distinct system of health care that emphasizes the use of prevention and natural therapeutics. Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) are trained to serve as primary care general practitioners who are experts in the prevention, diagnosis, management, and treatment of both acute and chronic health conditions.)

Dr. Tonya Fleck & Associates

The owner; Tonya  Fleck-D'Andrea wanted to do "something" to give the clinic a new and upgraded look. The following is a description of the solution.

                                          LED Lighting
                                                    The Problem
When I arrived I noticed that the overhead lighting for the clinic was a combination of center mounted ceiling fixtures, and short fixed head tracks. The surface mounted fixtures were lamped with 60 watt screw in fluorescent bulbs. The fixed tracks were illuminated  with MR-16, 40 watt Halogen bulbs. The fluorescent fixtures gave off a whitish glare and were on the cool color side.  The halogens in the tracks were presenting a yellowish luster, and were definitely warm white in color.  Between the poor color rendering  of the lamping, and the location of the fixtures, the overall effect was to make the clinic look institutional, and cramped.  The lighting did nothing to emphasize the wall hung art collection.
                                                  The Solution

 I have learned, through experience, that lighting locations and lamping have a major effect on room size, apparent temperature, and general comfort and serenity in a room. 

The flooring in the clinic was a neutral colored newer carpet, the wall colors complimentary and freshly painted. There was no need at all for new flooring or painting! What the clinic needed was a new lighting plan.

Recently, LED  (light emitting diodes) have come into use in light fixtures of


 Two reasons are:  the small amount of electricity they use, and the proven longevity of the lamps.  They can be dimmed and, with current advances in their design, the color renditions they produce are excellent. 


 I chose to use generic, ceiling mounted white tracks with small adjustable heads, and screw in 7watt LED bulbs.  The tracks can be laid out around the ceilings of the rooms in almost any configuration, using T's, L's and X's.  The heads can be mounted anywhere on the track, and directed individually for different purposes.  Econo Light Fixture and Lamp Sales

 We ended up using 20 fixture heads.Using 7 Watts each, that's only 140 Watts for the entire clinic!Previously electric use was at least 4 times that.

The end result was dramatic.  The wall hung art is now spotlighted.  The lighting is distributed around the perimeter, lighting up the walls and furniture, making the clinic feel larger and "cleaner".  The system is versatile, as the fixture heads can be directed where they are needed, and the entire track can be dimmed.   The bulbs are fairly expensive at $25.00/ each and they are guaranteed at least 3 years, and are expected to last 6 years or more.  Additionally, the savings in electricity use will be significant throughout the following years. 


                                  Framing an Art Object
                              The Clinic had purchased a round metal art creation depicting tree branches, and the roots below as their branding icon. It hung on a wall without a frame, and looked somewhat plain.   I built a stained wood frame, allowing the sculpture to be framed and hang away from the wall.  The result is much more dramatic and sensational icon.  










Jeff Edmonds

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