Fifth Edition, April 2013

"Only one thing can make a dream impossible: fear of failure." 

-Paulo Coelho

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Estate Equalization
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Estate Equalization

By: Mary Oliva


Many wealthy Latin American families face an array of issues when transferring wealth to the next generation. Their wealth planning and structuring needs are unique to their lifestyle, culture and the particular country of origin. Our goal as a trusted advisor should be to assist the client in being able to transfer their wealth in a manner that is compliant, tax efficient and aligned with their personal objectives. An important and often overlooked planning opportunity is Estate Equalization.

In its simplest form, Estate Equalization provides the Client the ability to distribute their wealth to specific heirs in the manner he/she wishes, overcoming forced heir ship challenges and providing for other relevant heirs.

Since this type of planning is highly specialized, many wealthy individuals are not aware of its applications and don't know what the potential issues are or how to raise the subject with their advisor. There are many key opportunities to discuss Estate Equalization planning with your Clients which include major changes in their business or family life, such as transferring shares to the next generation, active and non-active family members in the business and second marriages.


Specific Applications may include:

  • "Blended Families" - Heirs from Multiple Marriages
  • Country Specific Forced Heir Ship Regulation
  • Financially dependent Non Family Members
  • Transfer of Business Shares or Valuable Assets

Given the unique characteristics and tax favored treatment of life insurance in most Latin American countries, it is a valuable tool in structuring Estate Equalization Planning.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss how Estate Equalization Planning can complement your current offering and how it can be relevant to your existing Client base. 

Latest News...

               From Martin's Desk 


New Limited Time Bonus Offer


I'm pleased to announce a new limited-time bonus of 10% for guaranteed universal life insurance policies with Trans America.  

Please find the details and conditions below:


TransACE 2013 and TransACE Survivor 2013

Bonus Program Dates: April 1, 2013 through September 30, 2013.

Eligible Products: TransACE 2013 & TransACE Survivor 2013.

Eligible Policies: TransACE 2013 & TransACE Survivor 2013 policies with paid dates from April 1 through September 30, 2013. Applications must be dated no later than July 31, 2013 and received in good order by the Cedar Rapids Administrative Office by close of business on Wednesday, August 7, 2013.


Eligible Premium Base: Annualized target premium (not paid annualized premium).

Bonus Amount: 10% to writing producers


While it is anticipated that the Spring Bonus Program will continue through September 30, 2013, as described, Transamerica reserves the right to discontinue the Spring Bonus Program at any time without further notice.


For agency use only. Not for distribution to producers or the public.

I am available to discuss in greater depth the benefits available through this TransAmerica Bonus Program or to discuss in further detail the applications of Estate Equalization Planning throughout the differing regions of Latin America.
For more information contact our Private Client team at
For producer only, not for disemination with the public.
Para agentes solamente, no para la distribución al publico.