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May 2014

Mother's Day is around the corner! Remember mom this year with a unique gift from Lochte Feed. Choose from clothing, handmade bird feeders, home decor and jewelry! 

Lochte Feed has recently added to our organic product selection including plant food, insecticides and herbicides. No need to worry about chemicals in your garden. Lady Bug Natural Brand is a great organic compost that will make your garden happy! 
Lochte Feed now has Lady Bug Gardening Soil, Flower Power, Vortex Potting Soil, John's Recipe Fertilizer and many other great Lady Bug products! 
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Lochte Feed & General Store
Mother's Day Gifts!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, come by Lochte Feed and pick up the perfect gift! Lochte Feed has a variety of home decor, handmade bird feeders, jewelry, clothing and flip flops! Come by and pick out the perfect gift your mom will love!  See more photos on our website.  Read More
New Organic Gardening Products

As concerns about the use of traditional chemical pesticides and their potential impact on the environment continue to rise, more folks are turning to organic gardening products for their pest control solutions. Lochte Feed has recently added to our organic product selection including plant food, insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides. We offer brands such as SaferBrand, Neem Oil, Essentria D, Medina, ... Read More
Lady Bug Brand Fertilizers

Go Organic. Lochte Feed is a proud distributor of Lady Bug Brand fertilizers and compost. Lady Bug Brand natural gardening products include fertilizers, mulches, soils and compost for the organic-minded grower. We sell a variety of Lady Bug products, including: Revitalizer Compost Vortex Potting Soil John's Recipe Fertilizer For a full list of products, give us a call or ...
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Maestro Rose Glo

Maestro Rose Glo is the premier organic rose fertilizer on the market, with the highest nutrient content. Rose Glo contains a wide variety of high nutrient materials - including humates, feather meal, bone meal, worm castings, alfalfa meal, compost - for more colorful blooms, rich green foliage. Timing: Every 8-10 weeks, beginning March Packaging: 30 lb bag, 15 Lb bag, 4 lb bag Apply: Plants: ...
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Vegetable & Herbs at Lochte Feed

Lochte Feed still has plenty of healthy Vegetable and Herb plants ready to go right into your garden! We have a variety of each, so come by and complete your garden today! 

Lochte Feed & General Store also carries a full line of organic fertilizers, mulches, compost, and soil amendments. Everything you'll need to keep your lawn and garden ... Read More
Diatomaceous Earth - The Natural Bug Killer

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural and organic way to eliminate unwanted incest pests. It's safe to use in the garden, the barn, and around all house pets. Lochte Feed & General Store carries EarthSafe Organics. What is Diatomaceous Earth used for? Diatomaceous Earth is a natural bug killer safe for all animals and humans. It's tiny particle absorb ...  Read More
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Extinguish Fire Ant Killer

Extinguish Fire Ant Bait is available at Lochte Feed. Extinguish Fire Ant Bait is an effective bait that targets the center of the colony, the queen. Extinguish stops the queen from being able to reproduce, while the existing ants die off, they aren't being replaced by a new generation of worker ants. Eventually, the queen will starve to death ...
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Melissa & Doug Toys

Lochte Feed has new Melissa & Doug Toys. Get your kids or grandkids outside today with cute sprinklers, gardening tools and carriers! These cute toys are perfect for spring and summer!

Pet Food Loyalty Program



 Purchase 8 bags of Purina Exclusive or Infinia pet food and the 9th bag is FREE!  Ask us how to join on your next visit! 

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