ETFO eNewsletter 

October 2013
Vol. 8 No. 2  

Voice Magazine  
The fall issue of Voice should be arriving any day. In this issue, ETFO staff member Vivian McCaffrey examines the Tory policy agenda asking the question: What Would a Tory Government Mean to You? Also in this issue, Mandi Hardy considers the importance of making democracy a habit and David Stocker reflects on helping his students create the first all gender bathroom in Ontario. These, along with our other features, a round up of ETFO's 2013 annual meeting, and messages from President Sam Hammond and General Secretary Victoria Réaume are sure to make great fall reading. 

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Call for participants 

Project Overseas 


Each year ETFO, through CTF, sponsors experienced Canadian teachers to present professional development workshops side-by-side with teachers in countries around the world. Participating in Project Overseas is a wonderful opportunity to meet international colleagues, learn about another country, expand your professional development skills, and bring back learning to share with your students and colleagues.

Read about Maxine Richards' 2011 experience and visit Project Overseas online for more information. Deadline for applications is November 1, 2013.

Call for Writers 

Teaching Green 


ETFO is seeking writers for the creation of a junior grades environmental education and sustainability classroom resource. Interested members should apply by Friday, November 22, 2013. 

Please review the application requirements before submitting an application package. If you have any questions, please email Jason Johnston.


Teacher Learning and Leadership Program 

The TLLP is a project-based professional learning opportunity for experienced classroom teachers. The objectives of the program are to create and support opportunities for teacher professional learning, foster teacher leadership and facilitate the sharing of exemplary practices with others for the broader benefit of Ontario students.

Individuals or groups of teachers may apply for a TLLP project by completing an application form. Applications for the 2014/15 TLLP are available on the TLLP Ning and are due to boards by November 15, 2013.

additional qualifications 

Destination AQ Courses Open for Registration


ETFO is offering six AQ courses in Europe in July 2014. Interested teachers can take their Kindergarten Part 1/2/Specialist AQ in Italy (Bologna, Rome, Sorrento) or their FSL Part 1/2/Specialist AQ in France (Paris, Nice). Candidates who register prior to December 16th receive a $200 discount on their trip.  


Facilitated by one of our exemplary instructors, 70 hours of work is completed online between April 15th and June 24th. While overseas, participants will be led through a further 30 hours of face-to-face activity by the same instructor. This onsite learning is integrated with the destination. Click here for more information.  


Primary ETFO Arts


Primary ETFO Arts is a practical resource for primary teachers that uses 10 picture books to support the integration of dance, drama, music and visual arts in the classroom. The 10 picture books are a springboard for arts experiences and learning, inviting young children into the story world where they are challenged to look, listen, connect, think, question and respond.

Each section includes verbal and non-verbal classroom activities to stimulate imagination, communication and critical thinking. Discovery questions, story starters, teaching tips and assessment prompts are also included. Copies can be ordered from shopETFO for $20.00 each plus shipping and HST.


Working Voices


Working Voices is a web-based project by the Canadian Labour Congress that addresses 10 important moments in human rights history from the perspective of workers from equity seeking communities. Workers who are most affected by particular historical events are central to the project.

ETFO has supported this website in a number of ways, including posting ETFO learning resources and documents on the site. See all of the resources here.


Ontario Amber Alert


Ontario AMBER Alert is warning system that quickly alerts the public about abducted children who are in imminent danger. The OPP is seeking to spread awareness of the Ontario AMBER Alert program throughout the education community. 


Sign up to receive wireless AMBER alerts on your cell phone.  
Register for SMS text messaging options or text AMBER to 26237 from your cell phone. "Like" the Ontario AMBER Alert Facebook Page. Promote awareness of the program with your students and their families and visit the ETFO website for more information. 


Overseas Teaching Opportunities


The Department of National Defense Overseas Schools in Belgium and the Netherlands are accepting applications for teaching positions at grade levels from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, as well as teaching positions in French First Language and French Second Language.  


See AFNORTH and SHAPE international schools for details. Click here for information about the hiring process, specific job descriptions and job requirements. 


ETFO Awards Program


The ETFO awards program recognizes the excellent work of our members as educators. Awards for curriculum projects, published and unpublished written works, arts and culture projects and multi-media productions acknowledge the excellent work of our members. Application deadline for this group of awards is February 1, 2014.

Click here for a full listing of awards available through ETFO or for more information, contact Lorna Larmour at 416 962-3836 ext. 2212.


Conferences and Events


The Energy of Change (October 20-21), Too Scared to Learn Conference (October 24-25), I love GSAs and other upcoming conferences.

See ETFO's calendar for upcoming events and the highlights page of to find out what's new at the federation.