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NUMBER 31 - MARCH 21, 2013
Update for ETFO Members


Meetings with Government

ETFO representatives will meet with government and school board officials late this week and early next week. Members will be updated after these meetings. The tone of discussions between ETFO and the government has been positive to date. We remain committed to reaching resolution to outstanding issues.

ETFO needs to see concrete evidence of the government's intention to address concerns that have been expressed by members. That means an agreement must be reached to resolve some of the most contentious issues related to Bill 115.

At this time, ETFO's position--and any advice provided to members over the past few weeks--has not changed.

The government and ETFO have made a commitment to not engage the media in the current discussions. This commitment to discretion allows for the frank exchange of ideas by all parties. However, it may also mean that member updates are not as specific as some would like.  

Member Support 

ETFO continues to receive emails, phone calls, and other expressions of solidarity and support from members. The most recent gesture is a petition of support for the ETFO leadership with signatures of over 1,000 ETFO members and supporters.  Thank you to all for your solidarity. It is appreciated. We know it has not always been easy; but you have been there!  


Most members realize it is their resolve that made the current meetings with the government a reality. Your ongoing solidarity and strength will be the key to a successful outcome at this new discussion table. 


What's Next?

We will continue to work with the government to find solutions to improve the working lives and protect the rights of members. We will keep you informed of the outcome of these discussions. Your solidarity will continue to be the essential element in reaching positive outcomes.


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