This artist's conception of the future appearance of the Union Street Green, which will be home to the Heritage College's new facilities in Athens, comes from Ohio University's Comprehensive Master Plan.

This piece of art by Dublin OMS III David Kling is included in the first issue of
ARTery, a new art/literary journal.

(a Facebook photo gallery)

 Nancy Stevens, Ph.D., at work in the field.

 Participants in a Day of Solidarity to Prevent Physician Suicide listen 
to speakers at the Heritage College, Dublin.

Researchers present children's hospital study 
At an August conference in Washington, D.C., a team of Heritage College
From left, Daniel Skinner, Ph.D.; Matt Taylor, OMS II; Chantelle Shaw, OMS II; and Berkeley Franz, Ph.D.
researchers, including two second-year medical students and two faculty from the Department of Social Medicine, presented a study that looked at what U.S. children's hospitals are doing to develop community-engaged health interventions. 

The study, involving in-depth interviews with leadership from some of the nation's larger children's hospitals, was conducted by Chantelle Shaw and Matt Taylor, both second-year students at the Heritage College, Dublin, and assistant professors Dan Skinner, Ph.D., (Heritage College, Dublin) and Berkeley Franz, Ph.D. (Heritage College, Athens). 

The research was done in cooperation with colleagues from Nationwide Children's Hospital and the Children's Hospital Association. The study was carried out with support from Heritage College, Dublin, Dean Bill Burke, D.O., ('88) as part of the first Heritage College, Dublin-Nationwide Children's Hospital summer research program. It was presented at a conference on "Advancing the Science of Community Engaged Research," sponsored by Meharry Medical College and Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

Our students' tolerance for ambiguity: Some findings
Tolerance for ambiguity (TFA) is recognized as an important competency for physicians, as low TFA in a doctor can lead to increased test ordering and a failure to comply with evidence-based guidelines. The Association of American Medical Colleges has been measuring TFA in second-year medical students since 2013, and this year, the Heritage College Office of Institutional Assessment and Accreditation began measuring TFA in first- and second-year students. See some results here (requires an Ohio University login), and watch for more findings from OIAA in future issues of ROUNDS.

CARE winners announced for 2nd quarter 2016
Congratulations to our 2nd quarter 2016 CARE Award recipients:

Sheila Chelimo
Evaluation & Assessment Coordinator
Office of Academic Affairs, Preclinical Education
Heritage College, Athens
Rosemary Butcher
Administrative Specialist
Office of Academic Affairs
Heritage College, Athens
Christie Murphy, D.O. ('98)
Associate Lecturer, Primary Care
Department of Specialty Medicine
Heritage College, Cleveland
Every quarter three individuals who have set a standard of excellence and made a valuable contribution to the college community receive the CARE award. Winners are chosen through a voting process by a five-member committee consisting of at least one person each from administrative staff, classified staff and faculty. Recipients, one from each job category, receive $200. To learn more about the program or this quarter's recipients, or to nominate someone, click here.


Research expo/Clybourne Endowed Research Chair celebration
Thursday, Oct. 27
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Heritage College, Athens

2 p.m. - 4 p.m. - Tour the Clinical & Translational Research Unit to learn about clinical research studies; see live demonstrations of research procedures; hear an update on primary care research initiatives; and learn about current research projects of the Diabetes Institute and the Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute. 
Irvine Hall 2nd floor

4 p.m. - 5 p.m. - Join a celebration to honor Brian Clark, Ph.D., as the first Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Harold E. Clybourne, D.O., Endowed Research Chair in the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine. 
Terrace area outside Irvine Hall

Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Vision 2020 Award Update and Celebration
Wednesday, Nov. 16
Noon - 1 p.m.
Athens: Irvine 194
Cleveland: SPS-110
Dublin: MEB1-415
Celebrate the successes of the first five years of the $105 million Osteopathic Heritage Foundation Vision 2020 Award, and discuss the evolution of the grant.

In the news
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Alums in the news
Jonathan Forquer, D.O. ('09)
Lancaster Eagle Gazette
Aug. 11

Jennifer Hauler, D.O. ('01) 

Piqua Daily Call; Troy Daily News; Miami County Record-Herald
Aug. 31

Kathryn Jobbins, D.O. ('10)
Springfield (Mass.) Republican
Aug. 23

Charles Zeller, D.O. ('98)
Aug. 26

Jennifer Hauler, D.O. ('01) 

Becker's Hospital Review
Sept. 1

Elaina Williams, D.O. ('13)
The Women's Journal News
Oct. 7

Brand Showcase

Many units at the Heritage College continue to incorporate our college brand into promotional and informational material, conveying an attractive, readily identifiable look and a consistent message. 

The Office of Communication has developed several Communication Resources, located here, for faculty and staff to use in their day-to-day work. If you have ideas of other branded resources that you would find useful, please email us at

Below are two recent examples of our branding applied to material aimed at an external audience. Click on each image to access a PDF version of the document (university login required).
  • A brochure for Community Health Programs, providing information on the many free and reduced-cost medical services they offer to community members

  • A flier for the Heritage Community Clinic, which was named Ohio's Free Clinic of the Year for 2015

EMR teaching tool demonstrated

Last month, Heritage College faculty, students and staff learned about a new teaching tool that uses a real-patient database 
Blaine Takesue, M.D., talks about the Regenstrief tEMR
to give students experience with using an EMR, teach clinical and diagnostic skills, and assess student progress.

Blaine Takesue, M.D., director of EMR development at the Indianapolis-based Regenstrief Institute, explained that the "teaching EMR" (tEMR) is based on thousands of actual medical records collected from a pool of more than 20 million real patients. Once scrubbed of identifying information to protect patient privacy, the records can be used to teach medical students, as well as those studying to become other types of health care providers, from real-life cases. They can provide individual case scenarios, or the database can be analyzed to track population medicine trends, he said.

As students work through cases taken from the tEMR, he added, the choices they make provide an effective way of evaluating their understanding of course material. The system can even be programmed to send an "alert" when a student makes a poor choice. Schools that use the Regenstrief tEMR as a teaching tool can customize its content to fit their curricula.

This demonstration was a part of the college's ongoing effort to transform its primary care curricula. When the Osteopathic Heritage Foundation awarded the college an historic $105 million gift in 2011, this curriculum transformation was one specified purpose for the money. In pursuit of this goal, the Heritage College assembled the Curriculum Transformation Team, which has been meeting since August 2014. The new curriculum is expected to be implemented in fall 2018.

Human Resources

New hires
Andy Chen, Ph.D., pharmacology lecturer, joined the Department of Biomedical
Sciences, Cleveland, July 1. He can be reached at SPS-334A at

Berkeley Franz, Ph.D., assistant professor, joined the Department of Social
Medicine, Athens, July 1. She can be reached at Grosvenor 311 at 740.593.2137 or

Patricia (PJ) Guthrie, continuing education coordinator, joined the Area Health
Education Center/Community Health Programs. Athens, on July 25. She can be reached at Grosvenor Hall 021 at 740.593.2258, or

Evonne Jackson, administrative specialist, joined the Heritage College,
Cleveland, on July 25. She can be reached at SPS-134 at 

P.J. Murphy, chief external relations officer, joined the Office of the Executive
Dean Aug. 1. He can be reached at Grosvenor Hall 221, at 
740.593.4528 or

Anna Kerr, Ph.D., post-doctoral researcher, joined the Department of Family
Medicine, Athens, Aug. 8. She can be reached at Grosvenor 345 at

Laura Jensen, M.P.H., senior research project manager, consortium, joined
the Office of Research and Grants, Athens, Aug. 22. She can be reached at Irvine 356 at 740.593.1136 or

Jessica Rutter, R.N., R.N. coordinator, joined the Area Health Education
Center/Community Health Programs, Athens, Aug. 29. She can be reached at Grosvenor West 004B, at 740.593.9801 or

Joe Scowden, IT support specialist, joined Information & Learning
Technologies, Athens, Sept. 6. He can be reached at Parks Hall 023, at 740.593.2450 or

Hannah Curtis, research technician, joined the Department of Biomedical
Sciences, Athens, Sept. 6. She can be reached at Life Sciences Building 110, at 740.593.2363.

Niladri Mahato, Ph.D., post-doctoral researcher, joined the OMNI (the Ohio
Musculoskeletal & Neurological Institute) on Sept. 7. He can be reached  at Irvine 353 at 740.593.2247 or

Ishrat Jahan, Ph.D., post-doctoral fellow, joined the Department of Biomedical
Sciences, Athens, Sept. 7. She can be reached at the Academic & Research Center 377, at 740.593.2523 or

Janet Mazik, academic program administrator, joined the Office of Academic
Affairs, Dublin, Sept. 26. She can be reached at MEB1-230 Room H, at 614.793.5568 or

Sandy Wootton, executive assistant, joined the Heritage College, Cleveland,
Sept. 26. She can be reached at SPS-145, at 216.295.7521 or

Bounleaung "Chan" Chanthapanya, IT support specialist, joined the Heritage
College, Cleveland, Sept. 26. He can be reached at SPS-102B, at 216.295.7904 or

See what's happening on our social media sites:


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