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The Changing Face of Transportation





Our introduction today is about the upcoming international election for International ITE Vice-President.


For members of International ITE, it is important that you do two things: 1) Learn about the candidates; and 2) Vote. Several of your colleagues within KYSITE have met and interacted with both candidates and both are very well qualified. If you have any questions, reach out to us and we'll be glad to answer any questions for you.


For non-members, this election is still important to you as these are the leaders of the organization that produces many of the materials you use on a regular basis such as the Trip Generation Manual and Traffic Engineering Handbook. If you have interest in learning more about the larger ITE organization, let us know that as well.


Contact us if you need anything.       


- KYSITE Officers

SHSP, HSM, Who Knew? Surveying Safety Programs in the SDITE Member States

By: Steve Strength, PE, PTOE 

(Editor's Note: This is an excerpt for a slightly larger document.  I strongly encourage you to click here for the full article.  Thank you to the SDITE Newsletter for allowing us to reprint).
As part of the SDITE Strategic Plan, the Technical Knowledge (TK) Team helps coordinate the Annual Meeting technical program, compiles technical agendas for Section meetings as a reference for members, and addresses relevant technical issues for the District. At the Annual Meeting in Greensboro, Georgia, the TK Team participated in the "Doing the Safety Dance" technical session by discussing a proposed survey of Safety Programs in the SDITE Member States. The discussion and survey are focused on two components: Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) implementation, and use of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) in the various jurisdictions in the Southern District. 

 The SHSP is a document prepared by each State encompassing multidisciplinary, or 4-E strategies (engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency services), to address road safety issues, including fatalities and serious injuries on all road classifications and at both State and local levels. Required by SAFETEA-LU and expanded by MAP-21 to include provisions for developing measures of safety performance, each State is required to have an SHSP and to use it to direct their safety efforts utilizing State specific crash data. The State's SHSP should target the most serious safety problems, defined by Emphasis Areas, as identified by their own crash data. As early as 2004, ITE's Safety Action Plan adopted by the International Board of Direction (IBOD) identified a number of areas where attention should be given High Priority, including Intersections, Before/After Studies, Speed Management, and Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety. ITE considers itself a Provider of technical expertise and a Developer of standards in these high priority areas, in addition to lower priority areas such as Roadway Departure, Vulnerable Users, Work Zone, and Highway/Rail Crossings. Therefore, it is imperative that ITE members be aware of, and participate in, the SHSP process in their States in addressing such issues.    


Nature of the Problem

According to the USDOT, every State in the Southern District except Virginia exceeded the US rate of fatalities per 100,000 population in 2010, and every State in SDITE exceeded the level of 500 road fatalities in the year 2012. The South has a high percentage of rural two lane roads, higher vehicle miles traveled per resident, and relatively good weather year round, compared to other US regions, all of which contribute to higher exposure rates on road types that characteristically see higher rates of fatal crashes than urban or multilane roads. State SHSP's address these characteristics and target the implementation of crash countermeasures where they will do the most good. 


Next Steps - Get Involved!

While this draft version of the survey is by no means scientific, it does indicate a wide range of knowledge and levels of expertise residing within SDITE. The TK Team will be taking this survey to the State DOT Highway Safety Offices for more complete and official data on the State of our States. In the meantime, you are encouraged to fill out the "Beta" version of the survey and to let your voice be heard.
For a copy, simply e-mail Steve Strength at the Louisiana LTAP Center and scan and return at your convenience (yeah, we're still promoting our Southern District forest products industry here).  Feel free to distribute to your colleagues.  We need your input and ideas to make our roads safer.


Thank you, from the SDITE TK Team!  

Interchange vs City Sizing

Check out this article comparing the size of Florence, Italy with an urban interchange in Atlanta.  It's at the same scale.  I had to do a double-take as it is remarkable that the size of the area represented is the same.


Thanks to our friend Charles Schaub at the Lexington Area MPO for sharing this with us. 

The World's Most Amazing Bridges

By:Anne Warnick
This week's amazing bridge comes to you all the way from China! All content and photos are from

#4: Lupu Bridge, Shanghai, China

When it opened in 2003, Shanghai's Lupu Bridge was the world's longest feel arch bridge, a feat that has since been eclipsed by the Chaotianmen Bridge in Chongqing. Its name is an abbreviation of the city's Luwan and Pudong districts, which are linked by the bridge.

When it opened in the summer of 2003, the Lupu Bridge eclipsed West Virginia's New River Gorge Bridge as the world's longest arch bridge by more than 100 feet. That record didn't last long, however; the Lupu Bridge itself moved into second place when the Chaotianmen Bridge opened in Chongqing, China, less than six years later.


NBA star Yao Ming was on hand at the bridge's inauguration to lead a group of runners across the roughly two-and-a-half-mile-long bridge, where visitors can take in stunning views of the city from the observation deck at the top of its arches. Called the "Shanghai Climb," the journey to the top requires climbing more than 360 steps after riding a high-speed elevator from the base of the bridge.

Weird Signs
Submitted by: Billy Garrison 
Billy is out of the office week.  We can't tell you why, but this week's sign can:
Make sure to congratuate Billy when you get a second.tions 
Quick Hits  

Have You Seen This? 
Most of you have probably seen this floating around the world wide web over the last week or so.  But just in case you haven't, check out what the folks at Mythbusters did related to transportation.
And make sure to add your comments here.
4 Way Stop Vs Roundabout - Mythbusters
4 Way Stop Vs Roundabout - Mythbusters
Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2014 KYSITE Board; and

Vanessa Fritsch, Editor
Scott Walker, Editor