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June 12, 2014 

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The Changing Face of Transportation





Friday, June 6, marks the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the first day of the Invasion of Normandy.  This assault turned the tide of World War II, but it came at a price.


Here are some D-Day facts (thanks to CNN).

  • 150,000 Allied troops -- about half of them Americans -- invaded Western Europe that day.
  • The "D" stands for Day. D-Day and H-Hour stand for the secret time/day an operation is scheduled to begin.
  • The date June 5, 1944 was originally chosen for the invasion, but bad weather forced the Allies to postpone one day.
  • There were 2,300 landing crafts that will be carrying men, vehicles and supplies.
  • Between midnight and 8 am, Allied forces of more than 11,000 aircraft, fly 14,674 sorties.

The numbers are staggering and the casualties were high.  But these brave troops met their goal of "Full Victory -- Nothing Else".


We're a little past Memorial Day, but just a reminder to be thankful for those that have served.


Contact us if you need anything.       


- KYSITE Officers

Tennessee DOT Breaks Ground on Facility to Reduce Highway Incidents, Save Lives 
from AASHTO Journal    


Last week, the Tennessee Department of Transportation, along with the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDOSHS), broke ground on the nation's first facility dedicated solely to training emergency response professionals how to clear major highway incidents quickly and efficiently to prevent secondary incidents.


TDOT's Traffic Incident Management Trailing Facility will feature interstate-like roadway ranging from two to six lanes, guardrail, a two-way interchange, and concrete barrier rail, as well as a two-lane highway section and another four-way intersection. This facility will simulate "a variety of crashes" and provide a safe space for emergency responders to learn and train. All emergency response professionals (such as law enforcement, EMS, emergency management agencies, fire service, TDOT, towing/recovery, and HAZ-MAT companies) may use the facility once complete, said Tennessee Highway Patrol Colonel Tracy Trott, who came up with the idea for the facility.


Read the rest of the article here.

KYSITE Golf Outing

We had 18 golfers at this year's outing.  Thank you all for playing!  Although the skies were threatening all day, the weather turned out to be gorgeous.  The w

inning team of Mike Sewell (Gresham Smith and Partners) and Dirk Gowin (Louisville Metro) finished 12 under par and graciously donated their winnings back to the scholarship fund.  Bill Seymour (HDR) and Ron Herrington, who won Longest Drive and Closest to the Pin, respectively, also took their winnings and donated back to our fund.  With the help of these winners, all our golfers, and our generous sponsor

s listed below, we raised $2,200 for our students.  


CCSURSParsons Brinkerhoff
HDRDLZGresham Smith & Partners
StantecBaldwin and SoursBluegrass Electrical Consultants
BTMCDM SmithEA Partners
Neal SchafferWMB Inc.GRW
Qk4Palmer EngineeringAbbie Jones Consulting



 Special thanks to Stuart Sparks, KYSITE VP for organizing the outing.


We hope to include a link to more pics in the next newsletter. Unfortunately, there was no camera ready to capture Mario and Luigi Andretti squealing down the hill on hole 3...  (and luckily the fellas walked away unscathed.)

The World's Most Amazing Bridges

By: Not Anne
Anne is currently out of the office which means we will put a pause in her list of the most amazing bridges.  
And some of us might disagree with the list she is using.  How did this one not make the list?
For more information, click here.  
Weird Signs
Submitted by: Billy Garrison 
Quick Hits  



Berlin Lawmakers Seek Gender Equality in Their Traffic Lights


Have You Seen This? 
Today's silliness comes from YouTube and involves a cat.  Yes, we realize that there are plenty of those.  But we especiallly like this one, as your cat probably can't play Jenga.
Jenga Cat
Jenga Cat
Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2014 KYSITE Board; and

Vanessa Fritsch, Editor
Scott Walker, Editor