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SDITE Annual Meeting Recap
Roadway Safety Guide - 2014
APA-KY Spring Conference
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Important KYSITE Dates 

 June 4, 2014

KYSITE Golf Outing

Ducker's Lake 

 Frankfort, KY  


June 12, 2014 

 KYSITE / Highway Capacity and Quality of Service Committee Meeting

Important ITE Dates 

ITE Annual Meeting 

August 2014
Seattle, WA
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Jarrod Stanley

The Changing Face of Transportation



Hello KYSITE!'ve heard of cow tipping, right?  Well, that's so rural.  Apparently, the new trend is "Smart Car tipping", at least in California.


In the last couple of weeks, there have been several Smart cars that have been tipped over by large groups of young folk.  Let's hope it doesn't become a trend around these parts.


For more information, please click here.

Thanks for reading.  And don't forget to contact KYSITE if you need anything.


- KYSITE Officers

SDITE Annual Meeting Recap

17 members of KYSITE, along with spouses, kids and guests traveled to beautiful Greensboro, GA last week for the Southern District ITE (SDITE) Annual Meeting.  


The Kentucky Section was well represented with several members serving as presenters, including:  Scott Walker spoke on the ITE Leadership Program; Tony Fields, our KYSITE Treasurer, described the Methodology for Quantitative Roadside Safety Analysis he worked on at the KY Transportation Center; Co-presenters Steve Cummins and Paul Slone covered the use of Flashing Yellow Arrows; Dirk Gowin, with Louisville Metro explored Pedestrian Collisions in Louisville. Finally, Chris Barrow, of Parsons Brinckerhoff, covered GDOT's Metro Atlanta Ramp Meters.  


Those of you who have not attended a Southern District meeting should strongly consider doing so.  It is a great opportunity to network with transportation professionals from our neighboring states.  Next year, SDITE moves to Biloxi, MS.  Start writing your abstracts and presentations now!

Roadway Safety Guide - 2014
submitted by: Jarrod Staney
In the 13 years since the Roadway Safety Guide was

first published, numerous engineering treatments

like modern roundabouts and median barriers have

been devised or refined, with years of safety research

now supporting their implementation. The Federal

Highway Administration has been busy promoting

crash countermeasures proven to save lives. In addition,

the American Association of State Highway and

Transportation Officials has also released its longawaited

Highway Safety Manual, a landmark document

that provides tools for predicting and analyzing the

safety impact of roadway projects.

Other major efforts are also underway. You can download a copy of the latest version here.

APA-KY Spring Conference May 14-16
submitted by: Megan Enyeart
"Different Perspectives - Making Projects Happen"

Join fellow Kentucky planners at General Butler State Park Resort for the APA-KY Spring Conference! Mark your calendars for May 14th-16th and get ready for dynamic education sessions, exciting networking opportunities, and some good old planning fun! For more information go to

Member Profiles

By: Steve De Witte
This week's profile features Ken Kaltenbach, who has recently been recognized as a life member of ITE.
Name: Ken Kaltenbach

Place of Work: The Corradino Group, Louisville

Title: Senior Vice President

Degree: BSCE (1971), MSCE (1972) - University of Kentucky

Place of Birth: Covington, KY

Family: Wife, Chris; 3 adult children, and 4 grandchildren

What are your technical interests?: Travel demand forecasting, highway and transit planning, traffic engineering

Favorites:What are your hobbies?:

Watching my grandchildren play sports, music (church choir, guitar), photography, computers and programming, travel.

Color: All I see is Blue

TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Song: Southern Cross - Crosby Stills & Nash

Five Quick Questions:

A. Coke or Pepsi: Coke (Diet)

B. Dogs or Cats: Go Cats

C. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook, but probably 6 months since I logged on

D. iPhone or Android: iPhone

E. Cats or Cards: Cats

The World's Most Amazing Bridges

By: Anne Warnick
This week's bridge is located in Istanbul, formerly Constantinople. All content and photos are from
#8 Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey
Completed in 1973, the Bosphorus Bridge is one of two bridges in Istanbul, Turkey, that connect Europe with Asia over the Bosphorus Strait. The bridge stretches between the village of Ortakoy on the western (European) side and Beylerbeyi on the eastern (Asian) side.

Turkey's Bosphorus Bridge - also called the First Bosphorus Bridge - was the longest suspension bridge in the world outside the United States when it was built in 1973. It's since been joined by a second bridge over the Bosphorus Strait known as the Faith Sultan Mehmet Bridge, also called the Second Bosphorus Bridge.


The ancient Greek historian Herodotus wrote of the desire of Persian emperors for a bridge across the strait as long ago as 485 B.C., though design work on anything more than a wooden pontoon didn't begin in earnest until the late 1950s. It took nearly four years to complete the modern-day Bosphorus Bridge, which was open to pedestrians in the mid-1970s but later closed to all but auto traffic.

Weird Signs
Submitted by: Billy Garrison
Quick Hits  



AASHTO Spring Meeting - Louisville, KY


USDOT Connected Vehicle PlugFest 


Ohio, Ky. Transportation emphasize 'No Phone Zones'

Have You Seen This (x2!) 
Since we like all of you, we decided to include two videos this week!!!!   
The first is entitled "What Meetings Feel Like for Engineers".  We suspect most of you have felt like this before:
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)
And, in honor of the first couple weeks of baseball, check out this fan who caught a foul ball with his popcorn bucket.  Nice job catching this "pop" fly.
A fan uses a tub of popcorn to make a catch
A fan uses a tub of popcorn to make a catch
Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2014 KYSITE Board; and

Vanessa Fritsch, Editor
Scott Walker, Editor