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Bicycles as Weapons?
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The Changing Face of Transportation



Hello KYSITE! 


It's summer!  That means it is vacation time. 


Did you pile the family in the family wagon?  Or hop on a big jet and avoid the traffic?  If you don't mind sharing, we think it would be fun to know where you have gone or where are you going this summer?  Take our poll and we'll share the results next edition.


And one more thing -- please take note of the breaking news story that Cap'n Crunch may not really be a Captain.


Let us know if you need anything from KYSITE!


- KYSITE Officers

KYSITE Golf Outing Summary


The 2013 KYSITE Golf Outing was a great success this year.  We had beautiful weather and nearly doubled attendance from last year.  Thanks to everyone that made this event a success.  A special thank you to all of our sponsors (listed in alphabetical order):big_golf_hole

  • Abbie Jones Consulting
  • Baldwin & Sours
  • CDM Smith Inc.
  • DLZ
  • Gresham, Smith, and Partners
  • HDR
  • Iron Armour
  • Palmer
  • Parsons Brinckerhoff
  • QK4
  • Traffic Control Products
  • URS


These sponsors along with Palmer's winning team donation of $200 raised $1,400 for the KYSITE Scholarship fund.  Fun was had by all that attended.  Thank you for your support and we hope to see you all next year.  And if you missed it last edition, here are some pictures.   







Membership and Satisfaction Survey

Current, Past, and Prospective ITE Members:  As noted two weeks ago, International ITE will be (or may have already) sending a survey to you.  It is important our membership let the ITE leadership to know what is working and what can be improved. 


By filling it out, you are eligible to win one of the following 20 prizes:


iPad, iPad Mini, (2) iPod Touch, (2) 2013 ITE Annual Meeting registration vouchers, (4) $250 check, (10) $100 ITE service coupons.)




About a month ago, International ITE held a meeting in Washington DC (headquarter) of a new Task Force with its primary focus being Membership.  The Task Force included approximately 15 International members with different backgrounds: Employment (public, private, academic, or student); Geography (from across North America); gender; and years of experience.  Hibbett Neel (ITE Vice President) chaired the Task Force along with International ITE Director Tom Brahms.


Scott Walker of the Kentucky Section was invited to be part of this Task Force.  Using what he has learned from talking to members / non-member in Kentucky and within the Southern District, Scott attempted to relay issues he has heard about ITE to this group. 


The second part of the meeting involved discusion related to the upcoming survey.  A great deal of critique and evaluation went into the survey -- please take your time when it comes out as it is very important to get your feedback.

Roadway Safety Culture Summit

TRB is sponsoring the Roadway Safety Culture Summit on August 20-21, 2013, in Washington, D.C. The national summit will explore needs and potential strategies that might help support efforts to advance the roadway safety culture across the United States. More information can be found here.


Thanks to Jarrod Stanley (KYTC) for passing this along via the TRB weekly newsletter.

Cool Street Sign

We've been bringing you weird street signs for a while.  How about a cool one?


A new 9-foot-tall sign offers three arrows that can actually rotate around the pole a full 360 degrees.  To read about this new, potential "sign of the future", click here


Thanks to Lynn Soporowski (KYTC) for passing this along!


Bicycles Are Deadly Weapons
By: Billy Garrison


One year after an accident, a bicyclist has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. Rocky Martin ran a red light while riding his bike and struck a pedestrian in the crosswalk, injuring the pedestrian. In Santa Monica, this is the first time someone has been charged with assault with a dealy weapons for hitting someone while on a bike. To read more, click here.

Amazing Roads VII
By: Anne Warnick
Up this week is #8 on the Weather Channel's 15 most amazing roads list. This week's road is located in China and is frightening. All images and descriptions all come straight from
The World's 15 Most Amazing Roads
#8: Guoliang Tunnel Road, China


One of the world's most dangerous roads -- it's been called the "road that does not tolerate any mistakes" since it first opened to traffic in 1977, high up in the Taihang Mountains of eastern China -- the Guoliang Tunnel Road is a tight squeeze, about 12 feet wide by 15 feet high.


More than two dozen "windows" were chiseled out of the sides of the 3/4-mile-long tunnel during the construction to empty out rubble, and today they offer stunning views from the cliffs into the valley hundreds of feet below. The road was built by the local villagers here to connect Guoliang with the outside world, and since then it's become a magnet for thousands of tourists every year.

Do you Lack Focus?
golf fire
From the email:  "It was later reported that his wife got out safely, and that he did indeed par the hole .... he says the divorce isn't going to be that bad, now that there's no house involved!!!"

First and foremost, it is important to note that the image below wasn't taken at our golf outing last week. 


Getting that out of the way, we realize that it is tough to stay focused with some much going on in our world.  Email after email, buzzing cell phones, ringing landline phones, and co-workers knocking on your door every five minutes.  It's no wonder why we lose focus. 


Here's some tips on staying focused: 

1. Work in chunks.  

2. Reward yourself for your determination.  

3. Find the right music. 

4. Go Incognito.  

5. Be interested/ passionate about your work. 


Thanks to Ron Herrington for passing this photo along! 





Weird Signs
Quick Hits


Have You Seen This?

We don't want to spoil you with failed swimming pool accidents each edition.  Therefore, we are featuring another fun video, this time, a fun little video parodying the recent NSA spying controversy.



NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video
NSA Agent Caught SNOOPING on Video




Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2013 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor