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Ashley McLain

The Changing Face of Transportation



Hello KYSITE! 

ITE Logo     

Over the next couple of months, we plan on focusing more on International ITE and what it's all about.  Many of you have been members for a long time; others know very little about the organization.  As part of ITE's goal of becoming better service-oriented toward its membership, we will follow suit and help you understand what ITE does for all of us, both at the surface and behind the scenes.


As noted below, many of you will be receiving an online survey from ITE.  Please fill it out -- and be honest -- these surveys will be used to shape the future of the organization.


Let us know if you need anything from KYSITE!


- KYSITE Officers

KYSITE Golf Outing Pictures


Wednesday afternoon of this week (yesterday for most of you) was our annual golf outing.  The weather was beautiful!  We will have a full re-cap of the Golf Outing in a couple of weeks.  But in the meantime, here are some pictures.


We would like to thank our sponsors (alphabetical order) whose generous donations were critical to making the event a success:


Abbie Jones Consulting

Baldwin & Sours

CDM Smith


Gresham, Smith and Partners


Iron Armour


Palmer Engineering

Parsons Brinckerhoff

Traffic Control Products



And finally, thanks to Stuart Sparks for all of his hard work to plan this outing.

In Memoriam

The Commonwealth lost a great engineer last week. Bill Sexton passed away at the age of 75 on May 27.


Bill graduated from UK around 1959 and started to work in the Division of Planning in the Department of Highways.  He started the "urban section" there in the 60's following his return from the Yale "Traffic School".  He left the Department in 1972 to go to work for Joe Corradino and the late Charlie Schimpeler.  He left Schimpeler-Corradino around 1990, worked for the Louisville-Jefferson County Air Polution Control District for a few years, then worked at TARC heading up their light-rail planning effort. After that effort concluded, he continued to work for TARC part time until about 5 years ago. 


Related to ITE, Bill was President of the predecessor organization to KYSITE in 1976/1977. 


Carl Dixon said it best:  "Bill was a great guy to work with: smart, a good co-worker and leader, pleasant, and a wonderful sense of humor." 


Thank you to Mr. Sexton for his service to our great profession. 


And thanks to Bruce Siria and others who helped provide this information to us.


ITE Open Discussion

From President Ashley Sells: 

 Ashley Sells

Last week I participated in a webinar titled "How Can ITE Best Serve You?" Several topics were discussed from webinars to reference texts to training.

  • Regarding webinars, it is being discussed to offer a group price as well as an individual price. There are also free webinars but they have become hard to offer with finding funding sources.
  • In order for all of us to continue to learn, several new techniques and publications were discussed. First, there will be a new ITS manual.  A couple of the manuals are being revised such as the Traffic Engineering Handbook and Planning Handbook.    
  • The free technical knowledge online will be reorganized in a more friendly format.
  • Since everyone leads a busy life training such as the PTOE could be offered 24/7 online.  

In order to help International as well as your local chapter please participate in the survey that is coming out in mid June titled "Membership and Satisfaction Survey."

Membership and Satisfaction Survey
survey says 2013                  

As noted a couple of times already, International ITE will be sending a survey to both current members, past members, as well as professionals that are only members at the local level.


It is important our membership let the ITE leadership to know what is working and what can be improved.  The goal is to make this the best professional organization possible!  Therefore, please take time to respond to the survey. 


In the next edition of this newsletter, we'll give you some 'behind-the-scenes' information about how this survey took shape and how local involvement from Kentucky is going to help with the results of that survey.  Stay tuned!

Bridge Collapse, A Wake Up Call?
By: Billy Garrison


As I'm sure everyone knows, the I-5 bridge in Washington collapsed after being hit by a truck. NTSB chairman Debbie Hersman thinks this should be used as a learning experience for the whole nation. She wants to figure out how and why the bridge collapsed and what could be done to prevent it. To read more, click here. 

Amazing Roads VI
By: Anne Warnick
Up this week is #9 on the Weather Channel's 15 most amazing roads list. This week we're heading back to Norway (the land of my ancestors - maybe transportation engineering is in my genes?) for an incredible looking highway through the mountains. All images and descriptions all come straight from
The World's 15 Most Amazing Roads
#9: Trollstigen, Norway


You can both drive up the mountain and stop to take a walk on the viewing platforms at the top of Trollstigen, a winding mountain road near Rauma, Norway, whose name in English is translated as "troll's footpath." Its steep 9% incline and 11 hairpin turns feature breathtaking views of the Isterdalen Valley and the surrounding mountains, several of which have nicknames like Kongen ("the King") and Dronningen ("the Queen").


Some 7,000 cars wind their way up the mountain every day at the peak of the tourist season (May through October), but it's worth it to get a glimpse of the Stigfossen waterfall, which plunges hundreds of feet down the mountainside.

Weird Signs
moon pic

Quick Hits
 crane kick     


Have You Seen This?

Wow -- you guys and gals apparently like seeing "pool fails" based on the open rate two weeks ago.  Since we are in the business to make our readers happy, here is a compilation of other pool-related fails. 


Please note that there may be one faint expletive.  Therefore, consider turning your volume off for the first 20 seconds.  But the rest is still worth the view.



Best of Pool Fails, Compilation to 2013
Best of Pool Fails, Compilation to 2013


Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2013 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor