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March 22-23, 2013


Lexington, KY

March 26, 2013

KYSITE Spring Meeting

Lexington, KY

April 7-10, 2013
 Charlotte, NC
April 11-13, 2013
KY Rails to Trails Council's Walk/Bike Summit
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The Changing Face of Transportation



Hello KYSITE! 


Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all!st-patrick 


Did you know:

  • The original color of the day was blue?
  • The first St. Patrick's day parade in Japan, was held in Tokyo and organized by The Irish Network Japan (INJ) in 1992.
  • At the age of sixteen, St. Patrick was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken captive to Ireland as a slave.
  • In 1903, Saint Patrick's Day became an official public holiday in Ireland.  

Oh yeah, Happy PI Day too (if you are reading this on Thursday)!


This newsletter includes: 

  • KYSITE Dues Reminder
  • We're All-Star Again
  • SDITE 2013 Notes
  • Font Size
  • Transportation Superlatives: Amazing Roads 1
  • Weird Signs
  • Tribute to Stan the Man
  • Quick Hits 
  • Have You Seen This

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- KYSITE Officers


Last reminder that the KYSITE Spring Meeting has
been scheduled for Tuesday, March 26, 2013.   


You should have received an email about the meeting last Friday.  For that information, please click here, including a link to RSVP and pay for the meeting. 



For those that aren't international members, the Section-only dues are $15 / year and help cover our scholarship fund as well as our operating costs (including the website and this awesome newsletter).  We intend to create price differentials in our meeting this year to make it worth your while.


Dues will be due on March 26, 2013 (i.e., the Spring Meeting).  


Thanks to those who have already paid! 

Oops...We Did It Again?

But this time, it's a good thing!allstart2013_2


We were recently alerted by our newsletter service that we're an "All-Star" which is given to the Top 10% of their customers.  I guess that means that we must be doing something right!


We appreciate your feedback and support on the newsletter.  We'll keep putting them out as long as you keep reading!

SDITE 2013 -- You Can Still Sign Up!

Just because early registration is over doesn't mean that you can't still attend the 2013 SDITE Annual Meeting in Charlotte, NC sdite2013 this year from April 7 - 10.  The theme, "Partnerships for Vibrant Communities," will focus on the changing environment in which we work to fulfill the new expectations of transportation engineers and planners.  


AICP Certification Maintenance Credits (CM) and/or Professional Development Hours (PDH) are being offered for attending the various technical sessions and tours.  In addition to the technical program, sticking with the theme of NCSITE to "Make it Funner", activities such as a tour of the NASCAR Hall of Fame have been planned.  


To get more information about the meeting and register please visit the meeting website at


Does Sign Font Matter?
By: Billy Garrison (GRW)


Along the M42 motorway in England there are speed limit signs with font taller and narrower than normally used. This has caused the police to stop enforcing the speeds on the signs. They also dropped prosecution of any tickets that had been written. To read more about these signs, click here.

Transportation Superlatives
By: Anne Warnick (Parsons Brinckerhoff)
We made it through the list of Transportation Superlatives in the last newsletter, but lucky for you, the Weather Channel has come up with its own list of the World's 15 Most Amazing Roads! Over the next 15 issues, we'll spotlight each of the roads that made the list. The images and descriptions all come straight from
The World's 15 Most Amazing Roads
#15: The Overseas Highway, Florida Keys
This section of Florida's Overseas Highway, known as the Seven Mile Bridge, was one of the world's longest bridges when it opened in 1982.

Built in 1938 on top of what was once the Overseas Railroad -- which was destroyed by the Labor Day Hurricane that swept through the Florida Keys in 1935 -- the Overseas Highway stretches nearly 130 miles from end to end, mostly over water across 42 bridges between Key Largo and Key West.


If you arrive on the highway at the right time, you can see some of the most awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets anywhere in the country. Be prepared to idle on the highway if you come during the high tourist season, however. A drive that usually takes about four hours to complete can take quite a bit longer, especially on holiday weekends.

Weird Signs
Stan "The Man" Musial Memorial Bridge
By: Scott Walker (Editor)
One of the best baseball players who ever played the game,musial  Stan Musial, passed away this past January at the age of 92.  Musial was perhaps one of the most genuine, down-to-earth Hall of Famers (1969).  A lifelong Cardinal, the left-handed Musial put up statistics that were nearly unmatched by any ball player at the time, including 3630 hits (1815 at home and 1815 on the road). 
A statue outside of Busch Stadium in St. Louis contains the following description: "baseball's perfect warrior, baseball's perfect knight."  In addition to his amazing baseball numbers, Musial's off-the-field persona was one that was also unmatched by many of his peers.  Calm, pleasant, and unwilling to turn away any fan, Musial was a perfect ambassador to both baseball -- and life in general.  In February 2011, Mr. Musial was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Lindsay and I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Musial several years ago in Cleveland.  The story is quite interesting and includes me eating breakfast with him (and paying) as well as riding in an automobile with him on the way to / from the airport.  I can share that story offiline if you are interested.
Tying this back to transportation, I was excited to see an article come to my attention yesterday that a new bridge over the mightly Mississippi will be name after Stan the Man. Congrats Stan the Man -- you will be missed.
Quick Hits
Have You Seen This?

As your editor, I must admit that I've done some pretty stupid things in my life.  Pushing someone off a cliff on a rope swing isn't one of them...


Boyfriend pushes Girlfriend off cliff - Insane Rope Swing
Boyfriend pushes Girlfriend off cliff - Insane Rope Swing




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2013 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor