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March 19, 2013

KYSITE Spring Meeting

Lexington, KY


March 22-23, 2013


Lexington, KY


April 7-10, 2013

SDITE 2013
 Charlotte, NC
April 11-13, 2013
KY Rails to Trails Council's Walk/Bike Summit
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The Changing Face of Transportation



Hello KYSITE! 


We are pleased to report that the KYSITE Board met last

Artist's Rendering of KYSITE Board Meeting

Friday to talk about the upcoming year.  The Board engaged in great discussions about the best way to provide opportunities to our existing membership while expanding out to others that might not be taking advantage of our services.  The Board is excited about some of the new ideas for 2013.  In addition to what the Board discussed, we are always open for feedback on what training / topics should be considered during the year.


This newsletter includes: 

  • Save the Date - 2013 KYSITE Spring Meeting
  • Help KYSITE Out - Volunteer!
  • Is a PTOE Course Needed?
  • Auction Leftovers - Good Deals!
  • From the ITE Online Forums
  • KYTC Survey - Plan the Future of Transportation in KY
  • SDITE: Call for Award Nominations
  • APA-KY Call for Presentations
  • How Hard Was Your Major
  • Transportation Superlatives VI
  • Weird Signs
  • Quick Hits 
  • Have You Seen This Half-Court Shot?

Let us know if you need anything from KYSITE!


- KYSITE Officers

Save the Date: KYSITE Spring Meeting!! 

Tired of the Winter already?  Well, here's something to add Spring Puppy some excitement to these cold, gray days.  The KYSITE Spring Meeting has been scheduled for Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at the University of Kentucky campus in Lexington, KY.  More details will be announced soon.  


In the mean time, please add this date to your calendar!


We Need Some Help 

The KYSITE Board is requesting help from our membership hiring and our readers.  Some of the tasks are short, one-time assignments, while others may be longer-term, recurring assistance.  For instance, we are looking for additional "staff" on the newsletter to help with content. 


If interested, please contact President Ashley Sells.


PTOE Course Needed?

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet recently updated their pre-qualification requirements for traffic engineering.  While the requirements are still being revised, having a Professional Traffic Operations Engineer (PTOE) on staff will help your firm gain the Advanced Traffic Engineering pre-qualification.  


In the past, we've held a few PTOE review courses and we're trying to gauge if there is interest in one for 2013.  Please let us know if you would be interested in taking such a course if offered by filling out the following survey.


Leftover Auction Items 

We had one taker for one of the items that didn't sell at the Silent Auction back in November. Three more remain.  These include:

- 4 Passes to the National Corvette Museum

- 2 Tickets to the Stephen Foster Story

- 2 Admissions to a 2013 production at the Lincoln Amphitheater


If interested in any of these items, send Anne Warnick a note with your bid.  Top bid wins!



From the Forums 

One of the benefits of being an International ITE member is roman_forum the ability to read and participate in the online forums.  The forums typically focus on technical topics in which professionals from the US and international community weigh in with the best practices and recommendations.  

Every so often, there are a few topics that catch our attention as being more conceptual, forward thinking, or just simply interesting.


The topic that recently caught our attention was titled "Surprisingly few people, even within the transportation planning world, are talking about this pending revolution." Take a look at the authors original take and feel free to comment on our site.

Kentucky Transportation Survey 
    your turn

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) is giving the general public the chance to comment on what they think transportation should be like in the next 20 years.  

If you haven't taken the survey, consider spending a few minutes to fill it out.


Reminder: SDITE Awards Nominations

The SDITE Awards Committee requests nominations for  five prestigious awards.

SDITENominations received by February 1, 2013 will be considered for this year's awards. Any nominations received after that date will not be considered. The recipients for the awards will be announced at the SDITE Annual Meeting.


If you have any questions about these awards or the nomination procedure, please contact Jim Westmoreland, PE, 2013 SDITE Awards Committee Chair and Deputy City Manager for the City of Greensboro, NC, at or (336) 373-2002.


Click here for the Nominations Submission Form.

APA-KY Conference Information

As a professional organization, we feel that it is our responsibility to alert our 


readers about other opportunities.   

The American Planning Association - Kentucky Chapter has issued a call for presentations for their 2013 Spring Conference.  The dates of that conference are May 8 - 10, 2013 at Lake Cumberland State Resort Park.  For more information, please click here. 


How Hard Was Your Major?
By: Billy Garrison (GRW)


Have you ever wondered if other people studied as much as you did in college? The NSSE did a research study and came up with a list of the hardest majors. Engineering was number one on the list. To see the list and the criteria used click here.

Transportation Superlatives VI:
The Widest Street in the World.
This is the sixth of a series of 'transportation superlatives' which will highlight roads of the highest order, extreme or degree.  Thanks again to Diane Zimmerman for passing these along!
9 De Julio - Buenos Aires , Argentina



Buenos Aires, Argentina, features the widest avenue in the world. At over 300 feet wide, 9 de Julio Avenue occupies a gap of an entire block in the city grid, hence its incredible width. Crossing the avenue at street level often requires a few minutes, as all intersections have traffic lights. Under normal walking speed, it takes pedestrians normally two to three green phases to cross the twelve lanes of traffic.

Weird Signs
Quick Hits
Delaware DOT Aims for Image Turnabout for Traffic Roundabouts (Editor's Note: The first couple of paragraphs are amusing)
Have You Seen This? 

Based on stats we receive from our eNewsletter company, we know that you like watching off-topic videos.  Here's another one we thought you would enjoy:


Incredible Half-Court Shot FAIL
Incredible Half-Court Shot FAIL



In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon  

- More on 2013

Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2013 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor