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KYSITE Annual Meeting - Updates from the Meeting
Statewide Bike / Ped Summit
Self Healing Concrete
Narrowest Street in the World
Weird Signs
Quick Hits
Gridlock Buster Game
More Silliness
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November 8, 2012

KYSITE Annual Meeting
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The Changing Face of Transportation



Welcome to November!


I think we can all agree that we're glad the election ischarliebrown  over and we no longer have political advertisements being thrown at us all day.  Now, we can go back to normal TV: debt settlement ads, reality tv promos, and Hot Pocket commercials.


Speaking of elections, we hope your favorite candidate won, and if not, let's all hope and pray that our elected leadership is able to take us to a better future.  But don't rely on them -- you have the ability to make things better in your own community. And let the folks at KYSITE know what we can do for you as well.


This newsletter includes: 

  • KYSITE Annual Meeting Updates on Website
  • Statewide Bike / Ped Summit
  • Article on Self-Healing Concrete
  • Transportation Superlatives II
  • Weird Signs
  • Game: Gridlock Buster
  • Quick Hits 
  • Zombie Map
  • Let us know if you need anything from KYSITE.


- KYSITE Officers

KYSITE Annual Meeting

The KYSITE Annual Meeting / Silent  Auction is today (or last night -- or last week -- depending on when you read this).  We will provide a summary in two weeks.  However, if that's not enough, check out this link after 6:00 on Thursday (11/8) as we upload pictures from the meeting directly to our website.


Statewide Bike / Ped Summit
By: Mike Galbraith (HW Lochner)

The KY Rails to Trails Council received a Paula Nye Grant -summit  funded thru the sale of Share the Road license plates - and are sponsoring a Statewide Bike/Ped Summit April 11-13, 2013 in Frankfort. I received a request from the Summit organizers to reach out to planners and engineers to take a survey to help them understand what the Programs should include. Please take a few minutes when you can and provide some info. Plans are to have the sessions authorized for CEU credits.

If you plan to attend, bring your bike. We'll be riding to see Frankfort's new facilities.

Event: KY Rails to Trails Council's Walk/Bike Summit


Dates: April 11-13, 2013 


Presented by: McDonald's of Frankfort.


Why hold a Summit?: Because we know that bicycling and walking are the foundation of so many great things... safe communities, strong economies and healthy, happy people.


What can I do right now?: We need your help! Help us shape the agenda by telling us what you'd like to learn, discuss and do at the Summit! Take this brief survey by Nov 9.


Sponsorship: Interested is sponsoring the Summit? Visit our webpage for more info:


We want to see you at the Summit! Please save the dates...April 11-13, 2013. Visit our website for updates on the conference and to see who is supporting and planning to attend this exciting event.


Thanks everyone - Mike G.


Michael Galbraith
Self Healing Concrete
By: Billy Garrison (GRW)



The Delft University of Technology's Centre for Materials is testing a new product that could change how often concrete is used. The concrete is self healing, therfore it would lower the maintenance cost of using concrete. To read more about this new technology, click here.

Transportation Superlatives II:
Narrowest Street in the World
This is the second of a series of 'transportation superlatives' which will highlight roads of the highest order, extreme or degree.  Thanks again to Diane Zimmerman for passing these along!
(Spreuerhofstraße) - Germany



Spreuerhofstraße is the world's narrowest street, found in the city of Reutlingen , Baden-Württemberg , Germany . It ranges from 31 centimetres (12.2 in) at its narrowest to 50 centimetres (19.7 in) at its widest.



The lane was built in 1727 during the reconstruction efforts after the area was completely destroyed in the massive city-wide fire of 1726 and is officially listed in the Land-Registry Office as City Street Number 77.     

Weird Signs
Quick Hitsmanny

Missouri DOT Trains with Simulated Snowstorm


Traffic Lights Dumped for Stop Signs in Kansas City Has Many Seeing Red 


'Chameleon' truckers creating dangerous driving conditions


Texas Opens Highway with 85 MPH Speed Limit, Fastest in America - Is It Too Fast?


Fighter Shows Why You're Supposed to Protect Yourself at All Times (non-transportation but fits with 'Quick Hits' theme)



Gridlock Buster

From the ITE E-newsletter 11.1.12:TrafficGame 


The University of Minnesota has developed an online game intended to educate young people about the role of traffic management and its impact on economic activity and environmental performance. As an employee of the Traffic Management Laboratory, the player manually controls traffic signals. The game gradually increases in difficulty, starting with one and two intersections, increasing to more intersections and more vehicles.


Check it out. 

Now How Did that Pole Really Break?

Below is a link sent to us by Caroline Duffy (Barr & Prevost)brokensign .  It explores several topics that many of you will find amusing, including: 

  • Traffic Signs Being Used as Dance Poles in New Zealand
  • Road Rage by Women
  • Archaic Laws



Zombie Map

This section would have been more appropriate for the Halloween edition.  However, we believe in the 'better late than never' concept.  The map below shows the location of zombie outbreaks in Pittsburgh since 1876.  Please, please be careful if you travel to the Steel City in the future.




I'm not sure which you would rather avoid on the streets of  Pittsburgh -- the zombies -- or this:






In the Next Edition... 
Coming Soon  

- 2013 KYSITE Officers 

- More transportation fun!


Thanks for your continued support of KYSITE!  

2012 KYSITE Board; and

Scott Walker, Editor