A $500 Contribution to EPP Puts One Inmate through an EPP Program and Gives You Your Very Own Key to Freedom  

A very special thank you from EPP and Lauren Gracia Jewelry. 

A contribution of $500 or more to EPP makes it possible for one incarcerated man or woman to participate in an eight-week intensive Introduction to the Enneagram, the first of a series of programs that are taught by EPP in county jails and statewide prisons.  

To honor and thank you for having sponsored one inmate through their first training, EPP, in collaboration with Lauren Gracia Jewelry, would like to give you a one-of-a-kind piece, "The Key To Freedom," a sterling silver key, sculpted by hand in wax, pounded to its own perfect imperfection, and corded with two strands of rugged leather. This piece is our gift to remind you of your place in the EPP village we value so deeply.


A contribution of $500 or more gives one person their first key to personal freedom... 

 The "Key to Freedom" Story
Sixteen years ago - passionate and purposeful, striving and searching, my closest friend, Lauren, and I began to learn that we were much more than the collection of habits we knew then only as "my personality." We each found ourselves on the Enneagram "map" like two cousins - Lauren a Type 4 and me a Type 1.  
Over the next two growth-filled decades, we shared the gamut of awakening that comes through parenting and partnering. We evolved together as women, mothers, and spiritual seekers. Increasingly, we drew on the wisdom of the Enneagram system, the deep care we have for one another and, very gradually, the love we found deeper and richer within ourselves.
Organically we both found "our thing," that emerging passion that would carry us through the second half of our lives. Ever our types, Lauren blossomed into a bonifide artisan, teaching herself the craft of handmade jewelry and starting her own business with now-business partner Gracia Mahan. And I certified to teach the Enneagram and brought it to prison. Of course, the Type 4 would bring beauty to our world and the Type 1 would be of the mind to"reform" it. It was only a matter of time before our deep connection and appreciation for one another's gifts would manifest through our work. 
Today, Lauren and Gracia Jewelry is wildly successful, offered in 40 stores around the country and in prestigious catalogs such as 32 Bar Blues, a men's line from Bruce Willard (former owner and CEO of Territory Ahead and Sundance Catalog). Their uniquely handcrafted jewelry celebrates "perfect imperfection," using the earth's elements with a raw and rustic use of leather and silver. 
With a profound appreciation of the Enneagram Prison Project's vision, Lauren and Gracia Jewelry has designed - exclusively for EPP contributors, "The Key To Freedom," a sterling silver key, sculpted by hand in wax, pounded and corded with two strands of rugged leather. This piece is weathered and worn in all the right places, like all of us who weather the journey on the way out of the "prisons of our own making."
EPP is a non-profit dedicated to the self-awareness education of the incarcerated, using the Enneagram as the fundamental tool for self-study, self-responsibility, and awakening. The education process includes in-depth application of the Enneagram system and its methodologies combined with mindfulness meditation and sensate-awareness practices. Your contributions go a long way in supporting our ability to send teachers, materials, and compassion to those among us who need the support to meet their potential and ensure a brighter future.