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Issue 17

"For one to fly, one needs
only to take the reins."

Melissa James

for end-
of-year moves

The leaves are trickling down from the tree limbs and we're about to transition from hurricane season to nor'easter watch in the northeast. The change in temperature reminds us that the holidays are approaching, and that means the year-end spike in relocation. If your furry friend is moving from late December to mid January, now is definitely the time to begin planning your pet's move, if you haven't already begun the process!

The end of the year poses its own set of challenges when a pet travels.  First, there's the overall traffic with the holiday season, and the more limited flight availability that naturally comes with the rise in recreational travelers. 'Tis the season of office closings, too -  so we'll be navigating through the shortened hours and closing of governmental offices during the holidays throughout the world.

Starting December 29, there are some new rules in place for pet travel into the United Kingdom. Pets will need to arrive within 5 days of the owner's arrival (either five days before or five days afterwards). As this new procedure goes into effect during a hectic season, it's important that we begin to work with your expected travel dates as soon as possible to ensure that pet moves to the UK meet these new DEFRA requirements.

So hop onto our website now or call us to start planning your pet's travels!  

Pet Transport announces that it will expand its Concierge Pet Ground Transport Services in
North America.

While WorldCare has always offered ground transportation services to our customers, we're expanding our network to include almost any location in the USA and Canada. This growth is largely in response to the wishes of our customers, and the airlines not accommodating brachycephalic pets on their aircraft during the summer months. According to CEO Reece McDonnell, "Our customers have requested more Concierge ground transport options when it isn't prudent for a pet to travel by air, or when pet parents prefer to have their pet relocated by car within North America. Ground transport may be used, for example, when snub-nosed pets must be transported during high heat conditions, or traditionally, in the case of a horse transport. We have developed an arm of our business dedicated to the needs of these pets and our discerning customers. We look forward to offering this new ground service in 2015."

Argus Gets a Haircut in Dubai And Rachel Reports On His Move 

Read this blog!

When we moved 11 year-old Argus to Dubai, we knew he would be transported to very different setting from Cincinnati. 

Rachel, his pet parent, made sure to get him a haircut to help with the heat. And as she, too, was settling into her new apartment on the Dubai Marina, she took the time to share her experience about the relocation of her dear, well-traveled Argus. Did she have the same concerns as you did before your pet traveled?

Read her blog!

How A Dog's Breed And AChange In Climate Can Create 
AMore Challenging Move

Oliver the English Bulldog,
Journeys from Seattle to Singapore

Whenever pets move from one climate to another, there's always a concern about how they will acclimate to the change in temperature, but when it's an English bulldog, matters get even more complex.  We recently relocated Oliver, a splendid English bulldog, from the cooler climate of Seattle, Washington, to the much warmer setting of Singapore. 

Learn More


Fall 2014

In This Issue
Expanded Ground Transport
Argus Gets a Haircut
Breed and Climate Affect Moves
What Is A Pet Passport
Reunited: Benson, Barney & Holly
Pet-Friendly Places in Latin America
Did You Know?
Featured Article 

Pets-on-the-Move FAQs

What Is A Pet Passport?

A pet passport is a document that certifies an animal's identity, as well as its health status including rabies vaccinations and microchip information. Pet passports are primarily used in the EU. This document is signed by an approved veterinarian as part of a procedure that allows cats and dogs moving between EU countries to enter without quarantine requirements. 

Learn More


Benson, Barney & Holly
Head for Home!

This gorgeous threesome took to the skies as they relocated from Hasselager, Denmark to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Their pet parents said they were super excited to arrive in the United States and enjoyed a good first night's sleep in their new surroundings. 

Read More

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Latin America

Buenos Aires loves dogs!

Buenos Aires, Argentina . . . 
Dog walkers congregate at the
Plaza del Congreso in this grand city . . .
Rio di Janeiro, Brazil . . . Hotel Caesar Park in Ipanema welcomes dogs under 22 lbs. with a fee . . .
San Juan, Puerto Rico . . . Explore the historic district with your pet by your side on the Old San Juan Walking Tour where leashed dogs can accompany owners for the walkabout. Your precious pooch can rest his paws at the Sheraton Old San Juan or at boutique lodging, Water Club and Beach Hotel, where a bag of treats, water bowl, souvenir and on-site services await your four-legged friend! Cartegena, Columbia . . .
Bring your canines to Cartegena where the Hilton is happy to accommodate you and your sweet pet!

(Please contact all locations to verify current policies, sizes of dogs permitted and fees for pets.)

Did You Know . . .
based on data compiled . . . 

that 9% of horse owners have made financial provisions in their will, and that this practice is more common among horse owners with no young children.

that 68% of U.S. households own a pet.

that an estimated $58.1 billion will be spent this year in the U.S. on pet expenses.

that the most popular dog breed in America is actually the mixed breed! Favorite breeds do vary by city with Seattle choosing the Alaskan Malamute as its #1 dog breed. New York prefers the French bulldog, Los Angeles opts for a terrier mix, and Philadelphia's top dog is the greyhound. (based on data compiled by Trupanion, the pet insurer)

that the most viewed video in the pet category on YouTube is Husky Dog Talking - "I love you" with 94,416,727 views."


Husky Dog Talking -
butterflybutterfly 2


 Thank you for considering our services as part of your relocation process. 

As you and your pets travel, all of us at WorldCare Pet Transport wish you safe journeys

and joyful experiences. To contact WorldCare Pet send your e-mail to: [email protected].


"I embrace emerging experience. I participate in discovery. I am a butterfly.

I want the experience of a butterfly."

by William Stafford