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Issue 14

"You can judge a man's true
character by the way he treats
his fellow animals."

Paul McCartney

this season's been exceptional with its deep chill and wintry wallop of snow from north to south. How do pets travel when the conditions are severe like this, particularly in our colder climates?


In this edition we share some information on our experiences with moving pets when the weather grows truly frigid. February is traditionally the snowiest month of the year, and also when our hearts melt with messages of love. But did you know it's also Responsible Pet Ownership month? Read on for some practical reminders on caring for your "pawsome" pal. If you're traveling soon and considering your pet's plan, this month's FAQ will explain how we work to update you on every leg of your pet's journey. It's never too soon to reach out to us if your pet's relocation is occurring this summer. We'll help with the timetable of tasks that will put you and your pooch at ease. Looking forward to swinging into spring! 

Moving Pets

In Extreme Cold

Our Pet Relocation Counselors assist pets throughout their journeys, facing special challenges in the severe cold and stormy conditions of wintertime.

Our Pet Relocation Counselor, Laura, recounts her recent experiences this season and offers advice to families who need to move pets at this time of year.

At WorldCare Pet Transport, our number one priority is the safety and welfare of every pet we move.  We believe strongly in educating families about how to keep your pets comfortable and safe in the heat.  But what about the winter months, when temperatures seem to dip to new lows and adverse weather can arise unexpectedly?

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Pet Relocation on the Rise

In India

We've certainly had the pleasure of moving many pets in India and the country is experiencing a rise in both pet ownership and pet relocation. The pet population is growing by approximately 20% each year, according to research done by Euromonitor International. 

It's expected that, by the end of 2015, there will be 12.5 million pets, up from the current number of 10 million pets in Indian households.


Responsible Pet Ownership Month 
Being a pet
parent is a gratifying,
love-filled experience
but one that also requires commitment and conscientious care. Responsible Pet Ownership Month in February reminds pet parents to stay vigilant in their efforts to
keep their pets safe and healthy. Take a few minutes
this month to survey the situation in your home.
  • Does your pet have its ID and/or microchip? You
    certainly hear this question often enough, but it is a prudent reminder that can help prevent your pet from getting lost.  

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Winter 2014

In This Issue
Moving Pets In Extreme Cold
Pets In India On the Rise
Responsible Pet Ownership Month
Getting Updates on a Pet's Move
Reunited in the UK
Pet-friendly Places in India
Featured Article 

Pets-on-the-Move FAQs

How will I hear about my pet during its move?

WorldCare is enormously committed to providing updates on your pet's travels. Prior to your pet's move,  you will receive a detailed trip itinerary outlining complete travel details. We will also ask how you prefer to receive information about your pet in transit: by e-mail or by text.

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Welcome to the UK!

"The service provided by (my pet relocation counselor) and her team was exceptional. They were incredibly organized, communicative, pleasant, reliable, etc. etc. Throughout the entire process (she) was on top of every detail and kept me abreast of all steps necessary to make sure our pets' travel went smoothly and safely. I can't thank you all enough. It was a wonderful experience dealing with you and I would recommend you to anyone seeking pet transport services. Job well done!" 

M.S. Salt Lake City, USA to London, UK

"We were very impressed with your service and the care of our dog during this great transition in our lives. I would argue that this was the best part of the entire move (car, apartment, house, etc.). Great attention to our needs, very prompt responses to our questions and sincere interest and the safe, healthy and happy transport of our pet."

P.S. Texas, USA to Aberdeen, UK

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The number of pet-friendly hotels
in India is on the rise
with more than 500 properties
now welcoming our four-legged friends. Among them, the Mahindra Homestays Resort . . . Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai
. . . Lakeside Chalet Marriott Executive Apartments
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 Thank you for considering our services as part of your relocation process. 

As you and your pets travel, all of us at WorldCare Pet Transport wish you safe journeys

and joyful experiences. To contact WorldCare Pet send your e-mail to: [email protected].


"I embrace emerging experience. I participate in discovery. I am a butterfly.

I want the experience of a butterfly."

by William Stafford