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 CPI News Brief     Volume 5 Issue 10 * July 2016

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What in the world is a learning collaborative... 
and why do we care?

You no doubt have heard the term by now, and may even be involved in one or two... but do you really know what is meant by the term "learning collaborative"?  

Although there is no one definition, CPI's learning collaboratives:
  • are designed to help programs/agencies grow with our changing times by developing competencies and implementing important practices
  • involve a number of programs/agencies who agree to work together over a defined period of time. CPI's learning collaboratives usually last about a year with monthly meetings
  • provide opportunities for programs/agencies to learn from one another as well as from experts
  • use many methods:  online training modules, webinars, consultation, online libraries and at times face-to-face regional workshops and program-specific technical assistance
  • use data, related to implementation fidelity and outcomes, to drive change
Here is a sample of learning collaboratives currently led by CPI:
  • ACT Institute:  NYC ACT teams -- providing training sessions for both substance abuse specialists and team leaders
  • FIT:  State-Operated Clinics and PROS programs -- focusing on stage-wise treatment and stage-wise treatment groups 
  • IPS:  State-Operated Clinics and PROS programs -- focusing on high fidelity implementation of Individual Placement and Support (IPS) supported employment 
  • SP-TIE:  OASAS clinics --   learning the components of the "Zero Suicide" model for suicide-safe care, adapting these methods to better fit OASAS settings, and evaluating their implementation efforts
  • OnTrackNY:  teams now implementing the OnTrackNY approach to treating young people experiencing their first episodes of psychosis - focusing on high fidelity implementation of this approach 
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