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CPI News Brief               Volume 2 Issue 10* October 2013

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IPS Job Development: A New, Specially Designed Module Is Now Available
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IPS Job Development

A New, Specially Designed Module Is Now Available


ipslogoAre you an employment staff member that understands the need to develop jobs, but do not know how to do this?


Are you a program supervisor that wants to guide your employment staff on this most important task, but honestly could benefit from some guidance yourself?


Are you a team member who wonders just what your employment staff colleagues are doing when they are out in the community developing jobs? Would you like to help? 


If you can relate to any of these questions, CPI's newest module will provide the answers!


IPS Job Development focuses on this critically important practitioner skill. Effective job development connects consumers to individualized, satisfying jobs in the community.  Simply stated, without job development there would be few options available to consumers who are seeking employment. 


This module uses a newly developed and easy-to-use format to present focused topics of interest and is intended for employment specialists, all other members of the treatment team, program supervisors, and managers.  Topics covered are:

  • meeting with employers,
  • building networks,
  • considering disclosure, and
  • supporting job development across the entire treatment team


To view this module,

  1. Log into the Learning Community using your username and password at: https://rfmh.csod.com/client/rfmh/default.aspx
  2. Click on IPS
  3. Click on "Start a new online module"
For more information about the CPI's IPS initiative, please click here: