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October 15, 2013
Superintendent's Message
At our last board meeting, the HOW plan of the Strategic Plan was approved. We should have it on the website after another round of minor edits. What can you expect this year in PVSD?


First of all, our teachers have made the switch to the new Common Core State Standards. This means the focus of more of our instruction will be on students articulating their thinking and learning. Although we see a lot of this, more collaboration in classrooms will be evident between students in pairs and small groups. Last week I wrote about the focus on the new assessments - Smarter Balanced (SBAC) and its expectation that students delve into explanations of how they arrive at their answers. Students will learn material at greater depth so they are able to use and apply the information. Students will be taught to read informational text, write supporting arguments and do math beyond simple calculations.


Secondly, we have a new STEM initiative that is designing a lab and curriculum at both schools. A teacher learning team is supporting this work and will be sharing it as the year progresses.


This is the year we will update our Technology Plan and determine how technology will be used for teaching and learning, and how the use of technology can further our strategic goals.


I have to say...there is a lot going on. I've said it once and I'll say it again.  GO SLOW TO GO FAST.  We want to transition in the new standards, assessments, STEM and other new programs (such as Project Based Learning and explorations into social/emotional programs that can span both schools consistently) in a clear, strategic way with open communication and clear plans with our staff members.


Finally, this week was Community Night for Portola Valley Schools Foundation, another step in our goal to raise funds, especially to unlock the $100,000 matching grant. Don't forget to send in your support!


Lisa Marie Gonzales, Ed.D.
Portola Valley School District
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PVSF: Donation Day
Safe Routes to School
Turkey Trot
PTO Fundraiser
eScrip and Amazon.com
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ORM Spirit Wear
ORM Language
CMS Dean Shima Message
CMS Principal's Message
CMS Yearbook Dedications
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Ormondale * Corte Madera * District
Mon, October 14   
No School: Columbus Day
Tue, October 15 (A) 
ORM Community Coffee 8:20am Library Courtyard
Wed, October 16 (B) 
ORM PRIDE Assembly 11:35am

ORM Super Staff Lunch 12pm

CMS Super Staff Lunch 12:45pm

Budget Advisory Committee Meeting, 6:30 CMS 102
Thu, October 17 (A)  

Fri, October 18 (B)

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Advice From Challenge Success on "Keeping it in Perspective"

On October 4th, Challenge Success held its 10th annual parent education event, addressing a sold-out crowd of parents, educators and students at Stanford's Memorial Auditorium. Challenge Success was started 10 years ago in response to evidence of emotional distress in many US middle and high school students.   It brings together research from education, psychology, and medicine to help schools and families raise children who are good people, who are truly engaged with learning and who are comfortable in their own skins.   For those unable to take advantage of PVSD's free tickets to the event, the following is a recap of the highlights of the evening.


The topic for the evening was "Keeping it in Perspective: Strategies for Raising Healthy and Motivated Kids," and featured Dan Pink, best-selling author of Drive, To Sell is Human, and a Whole New Mind, as the keynote speaker. Pink drew on his personal experience and organized his commentary into three life lessons.


Pink's Lesson #1: Don't ask yourself (or anyone else) "What's your passion?" Many people can't answer this question satisfactorily, and that's OK. Instead, Pink recommended, ask yourself "What do you do?" Look for the "through-line" in your life - something you have always enjoyed doing and do well, and try to build a career around it.


Pink's Lesson #2: "Questions beat answers." According to Pink, this is especially true when you are talking to yourself. Engage in some interrogative self-talk, and ask yourself "can you do this?" Asking questions elicits an active response and requires you and others to think, respond, and move forward.


Pink's Lesson #3: "There is a difference between being a good student and a good learner." Pink asserted that "all the pressure in school is on being a good student," which requires compliance but not true engagement. He counseled students to resist this pressure, as the "shelf-life of being a good student is short, while being a good learner is life-long."


After Pink finished sharing his three life lessons, he handed over the stage to 18 year-old Nikhil Goyal, a student and activist. Goyal prefaced his talk with the question, "Do students really have to kill a part of themselves to succeed?" To "reclaim their right to learn," Goyal encouraged student voice in school decisions, a shift from technocratic, numbers-driven education to holistic education, and a change in college admissions to deemphasize standardized tests (he referenced the Fair Test movement) and validate alternative vocational paths.


For the final, interactive portion of the event, Pink and Goyal were joined on-stage by Madeline Levine and Denise Pope, Challenge Success co-founders. Challenge Success presented three parenting scenarios to the audience, who texted their choice of possible responses. The scenarios illuminated common but tough parenting choices. The scenarios are paraphrased below, along with a summary of commentary from the speakers.


Scenario 1: "Your daughter's 8th grade teacher allows retests. Your daughter got a B+ on a test, and is fine with the grade. She says she does not have time to study for a retest. Your spouse wants your daughter to retest. What do you do?" Possible responses were a) make her retest, b) let your daughter make the decision, and c) talk to the teacher.


The audience predominantly chose "let you daughter make the decision," to which Pope and Levine chuckled, "you're not telling the truth." Levine remarked that "the idea you should be a straight-A student at 12 is crazy. It's developmentally appropriate to have ups and downs at this age." Pink asked parents "How much do you want to play the game?" to which Levine responded "the game really kicks in in 10th grade" and is tied to a sharp increase in depression and other emotional disorders seen in kids in 10th, 11th and 12th grades.


Scenario 2: "Your 10th grader has academic promise, but has a bi-furcated transcript. He says he won't work for a teacher he doesn't respect. You've tried taking away privileges, but that hasn't worked. What should you do?" Possible responses were a) take away more privileges, b) hire a tutor, c) let it go, and d) provide incentives.


The most common response from audience parents was "provide incentives." Pink promptly pointed out that "50 years of social science research clearly show that incentives aren't good for complex tasks." He said kids "metabolize" incentives, and using incentives sends the wrong message about why you pay attention in class. Pope acknowledged that "there are crappy teachers," and that's why Challenge Success encourages professional development and training teachers to teach for engagement.


Scenario 3: Scenario 3 was a two-part question. First, the audience answered the question "Is your child getting enough sleep?" and then answered "If not, why not?"

The majority of parents of middle and high school students admitted their children were not getting enough sleep, and attributed it primarily to too much homework and too many extra-curricular activities.


Levine presented the facts on children's sleep needs: Elementary school children need 10-11 hours per night, middle school children need 9.5 - 10 hours, and high school students need 9 hours. Levine said the average high school student gets only 6.5 hours of sleep, which puts them in a state of ongoing cognitive deficit. Levine also pointed out that teenagers' natural sleep cycles don't match with early-start school days.


Pope encouraged parents to "be your child's prefrontal cortex" and to make decisions that protect your child's physical and mental well-being. For example, Pope said she takes away her 17 year-old daughter's car keys if she gets less than 7.5 hours of sleep, as any less puts her daughter in an impaired mental state. Pope also encouraged parents and schools to not overload students with homework. Pope cited research that shows there is no incremental achievement benefit to doing more than 2-2.5 hours of homework in high school, or 1 - 1.5 hours of homework in middle school. This same research also shows almost no correlation for elementary school students between time spent on homework and student achievement. In short, the panelists advised, prioritize your children's sleep needs.


For more information about Challenge Success, see their website at http://www.challengesuccess.org/.

Donation Day Thank You
THANK YOU to everyone who donated or pledged on or before Donation Day! We are still tallying the results of the challenge grant and hope to provide that information soon.  While there is more work to do, with everyone's participation, we can reach our goal!  If you have not yet donated, please consider donating at the suggested donation of $2,000 or more per student or whatever is meaningful to your family.  The Portola Valley Schools Foundation needs your donations to fund over 10% of the district's annual budget.  Your donation will be used for funding THIS YEAR.  The success of our schools is a community effort and we thank you for your generosity.  Every donation makes a difference!  For more information or to donate online, visit us at  www.pvschoolsfoundation.org
Safe Routes to School
Golden Sneaker Program
One more week of the Golden Sneaker Program for grades K-5. Please continue to chart in your classroom whether you biked, walked or took the bus to school. Prizes for students who participate every day, and prizes for the winning classrooms too!
Thank you to our wonderful volunteers and administrative staff who helped with a very successful International Bike/Walk to School week last week. Record numbers again at Ormondale and a great turn out up at Corte Madera too. Keep up the great alternative transportation to school, as a healthy, fun way to start your day!
1K and 5K Run/Walk
Saturday, November 16th, 2013
8 am - 11 am
Running Turkey


All artwork contest entries are due Tuesday October 15th! One artwork contest winner will be selected from each grade (K-3). Their turkey-themed artwork will be featured on the annual Turkey Trot T-shirt. Winning artists will also receive a $25 gift certificate to Kepler's Books in Menlo Park. Please submit artwork to the Turkey Trot box in the Ormondale school office. Artwork may be drawn on the artwork contest form (sent home in homework packets) or an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of white paper. Please include name, grade and teacher's name on the back.


Registration is now open. Both electronic and paper registration options are available. Please go to the links below to register electronically or to download the registration form. Paper registration forms can also be picked up from the school offices.  Advance T-shirt orders will be available until October 25th. A limited number of T-shirts will be available on race day, and at a higher price, so please register early. The PTO wishes all children to have access to the event, regardless of ability to pay. Please contact Karen Urbanek regarding confidential scholarship registration.


To register, choose:


Electronic Registration: http://2013ormturkeytrot.eventbrite.com 


Paper Registration: Click here to open the registration form to print.


Contact Karen Urbanek ( [email protected]) or Aimee Armsby ([email protected]) if you have any questions.

PTO Fundraiser-Amici's Family Night
Tuesday, October 22nd
5:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Amici's Pizzeria - Menlo Park

Corte Madera and Ormondale families! Grab your family and friends and join us for a Pizza and Pasta Night.  Amici's in Menlo Park will generously donate 25% of your evening's food and beverage purchase to help support PVSD - PTO. 


Here is how it works.  Print the attached flyer. Present the flyer to your server at Amici's.  Relax and enjoy your dinner whether you dine in or take out.
eScrip and Amazon.com Shopping Program
Each year the Portola Valley Schools Foundation pays for classroom supplies for every student in the district using funds raised through the eScrip and Amazon.com programs.  All you need to do to help is to go to www.escrip.com and register your credit cards and Safeway Club Card (if you have one).  Please make sure to direct donations to the Portola Valley Schools Foundation.  
Your direct purchases at Amazon.com also support our programs, teachers, and children.  You simply go through the pvschoolsfoundation.org link to Amazon, sign in with your own account, and shop!  Portola Valley Schools Foundation will receive a minimum of 4% of every purchase made through this method and, aside from the extra click, you should see no difference in your shopping experience.

Ormondale Home
Ormondale Principal's Message: Kevin's Corner

Dear Families,


It has been another wonderful week here at Ormondale. We had a very exciting assembly with the Amazing Bubble Man who taught kids about bubbles, while having fun putting bubbles on kids and putting kids in bubbles! Thank you to our Lab @ Ormondale team who helped clean up room 10 and began the process of turning a regular classroom into our very own lab!


Ormondale Elementary students will once again join more than 400 schools nationwide, inspiring kids and their families to reduce their carbon footprint at home!


Please come to our kick-off assembly! On Wednesday, October 16th, parents are invited to join the Ormondale students @ 11:25 in the MUR to watch a fun, inspiring play starring Ormondale teachers and promoted by the Kindergarten classes, which explains the concept of climate change to kids. After the assembly, the kids will go home with coupon books which encourage them to take carbon-reducing actions like take shorter showers, pack a no waste lunch, and bike, walk or carpool to school.


"It is Cool the Earth's hope that after empowering the kids to take actions at home to lower their carbon footprint, they can also inspire the behavior of adults." For information specifically organized for parents at Ormondale, visit our Cool the Earth glog at http://silviamartinez.edu.glogster.com/cool-the-earth/. Please contact Silvia Martinez if you are interested in volunteering.


Traffic Safety

Please make sure that we continue to drive, park, drop-off and pick-up in a safe manner. We have a number of blind spots, cross walks and neighborhood driveways that require extra caution and attention when you are driving. Thank you for your special attention to our traffic safety.


Community Coffee

We will be hosting our second community coffee on Tuesday, October 15th from 8:20 - 9:20. We will meet outside the MUR for some coffee and conversation about what is going on at school. This is a great time to ask questions and bring up ideas.


Foreign Language @ Ormondale

In order to fill the need for a foreign language at Ormondale, ABC Language will be able to offer Spanish and Mandarin in an after school fee based class. Please see the information in the weekly post about how to sign up.  


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact me at [email protected] or 650-851-1777.




Kevin F. Keegan     

Ormondale Spirit Wear for Sale!

We have some new items for sale this year and are planning on making the final order by October 11th.  Fully complete this order form, attach your check (or cash), and place in the envelope.

ABC Language at Ormondale
Dear Ormondale Parents,

ABC Language will be available again as an after-school opportunity at Ormondale. Spanish and Mandarin Chinese language programs will be offered.

CONTENT: Conversational language skills taught through games, play, music and interactive conversation.

SCHEDULE CHOICES:  Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays from 3-4pm
START/END DATES:  Start date week of Oct 21st, 2013, and ending the week of June 9th, 2014 
GRADES/LEVELS: K-3, total beginner Level I, and mid-beginner Level II (those who studied last school year or who have a background in the language)


TEACHING METHODS: ABC Languages is a multi-method school with teachers who  draw from a variety linguistic approaches. ABC teachers need to have a minimum of 2 years teaching experience before they interview with ABC. They then hire teachers literate in a multi-method approach for teaching to "multiple intelligences". ABC tends to favor teachers who like to use a "communicative approach" to teaching, who use "Total Physical Response", and who maintain a "student centered classroom". That is to just name a few of the approaches ABC favors. What this all means is the teacher will be speaking mostly in the target language, the focus will be on attaining real-life practical skills. Fun also is an important component to capture and maintain your child's interest in learning.

HOW TO ENROLL YOUR CHILD:  Click on this link below and fill in your and your child's information: http://www.abclanguagesf.com/peninsula/portolavalley.htm
QUESTIONS?:  Please contact ABC Languages at [email protected]  or 650-204-7908

Corte Madera Home
Message from Dean Shima 

October is Anti-Bullying month at CMS. Our focus over the past few years continues to be on educating students on bullying behaviors, and encouraging them to become upstanders in the school community- reporting bullying behaviors, stepping in and discouraging the bully, and supporting the victim. In 4th and 5th grade homeroom, teachers are explaining the different types of bullying and using literature such as Patricia Polacco's book Bully to illustrate examples and spark discussions. In middle school, during FLEX time, students are creating skits and role playing, having open discussions about bullying behaviors on the CMS campus, and analyzing why kids bully and ways they can step in and prevent it from happening. All middle school students will also be meeting with me, as a grade level, to watch bullying prevention videos that feature real-life middle school victims.


Research shows that one of the best ways to prevent bullying and cruelty on a school campus is to create caring school communities. In addition, it is also important that students feel connected to their peers and adults on campus. These are our two main focus areas at CMS.


We conduct school surveys with our students twice a year to gather data about the school climate and we use this data to assess our programs and create better prevention strategies. At the end of last year, 95% of students felt that CMS was a safe and caring community, 96% of students stated they had a friend on campus that they could talk with and would listen to them, 97% of students stated that they had friends to hang out with at recess and lunch, and 87% of students felt like they had an adult on campus that they could talk with and would listen to them (this was up from 80% the previous year). We still have growth to make in these areas, but we are in process of creating an action plan to continue to target these areas this school year.


Our School Climate Committee that is made up of teachers, myself, and two students from each grade level meets once a month to discuss school issues and concerns. This year, the focus of our meetings will continue to be on assessing Anti-Bullying strategies that are successful for our students, and also working on strengthening the connection between students and adults on campus.


As a parent, if you suspect that your child is being bullied, it is important to be supportive and keep the lines of communication open. Many times children will not tell their parents or another adult what is happening because they are embarrassed or fear that things will get worse. Some signs to look for if you are worried that your child is being bullied:

  • Your child does not want to come to school- claims they are sick, refuses to walk to school, get out of the car at drop-off etc.
  • Your child no longer wants to attend extracurricular activities- school events, sports practices, birthday parties
  • Your child arrives home with bumps and bruises that they can't explain
  • Your child is increasingly becoming more sad, anxious, moody, -may have trouble sleeping
  • Your child's academic performance starts to decline

If you are concerned that your child is being bullied at CMS, please make sure to contact me, the teacher, the principal or another adult on campus because we can help. If we don't know that it is happening, we can't help to provide a solution.





Don't forget to order Spirit Wear! We are using a new vendor this year and you can go online and customize your items. Go to: www.mylocker.net. Click on Get Started and enter in zip code 94028. Select Corte Madera School. Items will be shipped directly to you.


Earthquake Drill: October 17th:

Corte Madera will be participating in the Great California Shake Out on October 17th. We will be joining millions of people that will "Drop, Cover, and Hold on" at 10:17 a.m. In addition, we will be evacuating all classes out to the field and teachers will be assembling into their evacuation stations and students will assemble in their grade level groups. The drill should take about 20 minutes, after which, classes will resume.


Pumpkin Decorating Contest: October 24th

Some of the 4th and 5th grade homeroom classes along with FLEX classes are competing in our first annual pumpkin decorating contest. Decorated pumpkins will be in the library on the afternoon of October 24th for all to see and winners will be announced on October 25th!


Halloween Dance: October 25th 7-9 pm

This dance is open to all CMS 6-8th graders and CMS students can bring up to two middle school guests from other schools as long as they have a signed permission slip. There will be a DJ, a costume contest, a limbo contest, and snacks for sale. Cost of the dance is $10.


4th and 8th grade Buddy Activity: October 29th at Lunch

Last month, our 4th graders met their 8th grade buddies, ate lunch with them, and did a recess activity. This month, the buddies will be doing a Halloween craft in the MUR at lunch.


Halloween Grams: On Sale Starting October 16th

Students can come and purchase Halloween Grams (stuffed animals, rubber duckies) for their friends, family, teachers, or just for themselves! Items will be sold at lunch by Student Council out of room 901.


End of 1st Quarter for Middle School: October 25th

Grades will be finalized and in Powerschool, ready to review by Wednesday, October 30th.


Halloween Spirit Day and Parade- October 31st

We will be having a Halloween Spirit dress up day on Thursday, October 31st. Students can wear their costumes (no weapons and dress code still applies), or orange and black and there will be a Halloween Parade in the MUR at 12:33 p.m.


6/7/8 Conferences:

The week of October 28th. These conferences are for those students that are getting a C- or below in multiple classes. I will contact those families that require a group conference and set up a time for you to meet with your child and the teachers.


8th Grade High School Information- October/ November

The Open Enrollment Form is now available on the Sequoia Union High School District website. Go to www.seq.org for more information. This is for students that desire to transfer to another public high school- in SUHSD- other than their assigned home-school. The due date for this form is January 17, 2014 at 4 pm.


For Private Schools, just a reminder that there is a $25.00 processing charge for each "family" of high schools your child is applying to. This charge covers the cost of time it takes to write recommendations, print transcripts, copy STAR scores etc. Checks need to be made to PVSD and given to Kathy Hoskin in the office. Again, teacher recommendations go directly to the teacher, while Principal/ Counselor Recommendations go to Kathy Hoskin.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns!

Go Panthers!


Kristen Shima

Dean of Students

CMS Principal's Message 

Important Message Regarding Delivers and Messages For Students


Dear parents and guardians,

This year, we have seen a significant increase in the number of items being dropped off in the office by parents that then need to be delivered to students during the school day. Items include lunches, backpacks, books, homework, sports equipment and overnight bags. Also, we are receiving a high volume of phone calls and drop-ins asking for us to deliver personal messages to students regarding changes to after school plans, play date arrangements, etc.

Unfortunately, due to office staff responsibilities, we can't assure these delivers and personal messages can be delivered in a timely manner. Also, teachers have indicated frequent calls and delivers into the classrooms can be disruptive to instructional time for our students.

Please make sure that when you send your child to school that they have all materials and instructions they need for the day. They should have their backpacks, lunches, homework, after school equipment, bus tokens and instructions on how they are getting home.

We will make announcements to students that if they have forgotten something a home, they can come to the office during recess and lunch to check to see if it has been dropped off. We will also remind them that the school phone is for emergency use only, not for calling home about play dates, homework, etc.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Michael Corritone


Yearbook Dedications 
Make the 2013-14 yearbook extra special for your student! Dedications are a great way to help personalize the yearbook for your child and to preserve a message of love and support for them that they can treasure for years and years.

Dedications start as low as $25 for a 1/16th page space and 1/8 page spreads are only $50. 8th grade parents have exclusive access to 1/4 page spreads for $100.

Don't miss your chance to leave a special memory for your child in the 2013-2014 yearbook!

If you haven't yet ordered a yearbook, you can still purchase one for only $50.

Order forms for yearbooks and dedication spaces are available at the CMS office. For questions, please email Tim Sato ([email protected]).
SART Pastels on the Quad Fundraiser

Sunday October 20th, 10:00 to 4:00 pm


Donors and volunteer artists will use chalk pastels to draw on the concrete retaining wall in the 6-8 CMS picnic area. Donors can draw their own square or they may choose to allow a volunteer artist to draw.  Any artist may participate, regardless of donation, in the spirit of community. The art will beautify campus until the rains wash it away. Wildlife themed drawings will done in chalk pastels directly on the concrete. 


Suggested Donations:

$100 for a  1 x 1 meter square

$50  for a half meter square

$25 for a quarter meter square




The purpose of this fundraiser is to provide an enriching Science & Art program (SART).

Investments in SART cover animal related expenses as well biological, environmental, engineering, and art projects. The club provides time to continue the work being done during classes as well as begin new projects.



Community Calendar and Events
Portola Valley Library Program

On Wednesday, October 16 @ 4 PM, Linda Janklow of peopleologie will lead a workshop on creating a clay plaque using authentic ancient and symbolic animal hieroglyphs from the Olmec, Maya & Aztec cultures.  These symbols are still used today and the plaque you create can be used as a wall hanging or a rubbing surface.  Space is limited, so please register (650.851.0560 or[email protected] ). For ages 4+.  This program is generously funded by the Friends of the Portola Valley Library.


Teen Program

October 13-19 is Teen Read Week and this year's theme is Seek the Unknown. Come to the library during this week and vote for your favorite books.  Everyone that turns in a ballot will receive a participation prize. All ballots will be entered into a raffle for a grand prize!  For ages 12-19.


The Portola Valley Library is located at 765 Portola Rd at Town Center.  You can contact us at 650.851.0560 or [email protected].  Like us on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/portolavalleylibrary

Portola Valley Farmers' Harvest Festival 

Farmers' Harvest Festival - Thursday, October 17th from 3 to 6 pm


Join us on Thursday, October 17th for the first Portola Valley Farmers' Harvest Fest at the Town Center. Come and visit our pumpkin patch, ride the Webb Ranch "train", climb on the big blue imagination playground and watch the pumpkin carving demonstration at 4pm.

Farmers' Market and the pumpkin patch open at 3pm. Available will be delicious treats for your picnic: El Porteņo empanadas, smoked seafood selections from One Ocean, Little Bee Pops organic popsicles, HOT roast chickens from Roli Roti and everybody's favorite food truck burgers and salads from Whisk SF. Plus live banjo music and more! For info visit: www.portolavalleyfarmersmarket.com

* Farmers' Market & Food Trucks: 3-7 pm
* Train, Imagination Playground & Pumpkin Patch: 3-6 pm
* Pumpkin Carving Demo:  4 pm 

Portola Valley Farmers' Harvest Festival 

Farmers' Harvest Festival - Thursday, October 17th from 3 to 6 pm


Join us on Thursday, October 17th for the first Portola Valley Farmers' Harvest Fest at the Town Center. Come and visit our pumpkin patch, ride the Webb Ranch "train", climb on the big blue imagination playground and watch the pumpkin carving demonstration at 4pm.

Farmers' Market and the pumpkin patch open at 3pm. Available will be delicious treats for your picnic: El Porteņo empanadas, smoked seafood selections from One Ocean, Little Bee Pops organic popsicles, HOT roast chickens from Roli Roti and everybody's favorite food truck burgers and salads from Whisk SF. Plus live banjo music and more! For info visit: www.portolavalleyfarmersmarket.com

* Farmers' Market & Food Trucks: 3-7 pm
* Train, Imagination Playground & Pumpkin Patch: 3-6 pm
* Pumpkin Carving Demo:  4 pm 

Alpine Strikers Spring 2014 Tryouts 

Alpine Strikers FC is excited to announce upcoming tryouts for the spring season. If your child is excited about soccer, she or he might be ready to come out and participate in these tryouts. Players new to the club can be evaluated via age group wide tryouts. Roster openings vary from team to team and are at the discretion of the coaches. For general club information, please visit www.alpinestrikers.org. To register your child for tryouts, please click here


Love Rides the Rails or Will the Mail Train Run Tonight?


When the villain, Simon Darkway, seeks to control the Walker Valley, Pine Bush & Pacific Railroad for his own evil purposes, he enlists his partner-in-crime, Dirk Sneath, and the sultry Carlotta Cortez for his scheme. Can the heroic Truman Pendennis, his trusty friend Harold Stanfast, and the angelic Prudence Hopewell save the railroad from certain doom? Swiftly and hilariously, the play, Love Rides the Rails by Morland Cary, screeches to the amazing climax when the hero is inescapably bound by the villains to the tracks of an oncoming train. Will good prevail over evil? Join us for this Old West melodrama, complete with songs, pantomime, great mustaches, and audience-participation. Guaranteed fun for all ages!


Performance Dates:  

October 24, 25 & 26, 2013 at 7:30 PM

November 1 & 2, 2013 at 7:30 PM


Adults $12

Students/Seniors  $8


Senior Groups Tickets:

Groups of 8 or more save $2 off per ticket - $6 tickets
Groups of 16 or more save $4 off per ticket - $ 4 tickets


Non-Senior Group Tickets

Groups of 8 or more save $2 off per ticket - $10 tickets
Groups of 16 or more save $4 off per ticket - $8 tickets


Tickets can be purchased at the box office or online: www.thecenteratma.org

For more information, please contact Ms. Zwicker-Sobrepena at 650-322-5316 or [email protected]

Bird Discovery Day

Sunday, October 27, 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Portola Valley Town Center

Come to Bird Day and enjoy live birds including a bald eagle, native and exotic birds, and chickens, diverse nests from a wide variety of birds, an amazing array of feathers to examine under microscopes, and samples and information on bird eggs.
Representatives from local agencies include:
  • The Audubon Society which is providing experts on birds,
  • Mid-peninsula Regional Open Space District which will share maps and information for those who wish to go exploring local open space,
  • Palo Alto Junior Museum which will be bringing a bald eagle, and
  • Wildlife Rescue which will advise residents on how to save injured birds and how to adopt a bird.
Sponsored by the Town's Nature and Science Committee. Contact 'Miss Tree' [email protected] for more information.