Sierpe del Pacifico

What's new at Sierpe del Pacifico?
Several Site Improvements

New Solar System on Lot #8 Cabina - We recently replaced the solar system on the lot #8 cabina with a new panel array, power inverter, and battery bank 3 times as large as the originals. The cabina now boasts an AC fridge/freezer combo unit, double the number of ceiling fans, and will be able to deliver electricity without any sun for four continuous days!

Road Improvements - We added a column of gravel between the cement tracks on the main hill road. This makes for a smoother ride on the quad, easier walking, and a more aesthetically pleasing look for the road.

Observation Deck/Stairs at the Lodge - The lot #3 Owner's Lodge now has an observation deck for sun-bathing, relaxing, and grilling. The deck connects to the home via a stone pathway and stairs off of the lodge deck.

Lot #14 Sold, SDP Welcomes Chester Lu

Sierpe del Pacifico welcomes new owner of lot #14 Chester Lu. Chester is a software engineer and developer from Ohio who also actively invests in real estate. Chester first visited Costa Rica last year and was originally interested in purchasing an ocean view lot to the north of Sierpe. He instead decided to invest at Sierpe del Pacifico as it was different than most properties for sale in Costa Rica and offered more value in terms of recreation and lifestyle opportunities. We at Sierpe del Pacifico couldn't agree more and look forward to having Chester as our neighbor!

If you are interested in purchasing a lot at Sierpe del Pacifico, please click the box below to view our current lot description and price list. For more information on any properties call or email Cassidy Scheer. ([email protected], 715-699-2715)

Nearby Archaeological Sites Receive UNESCO World Heritage Status

Four Osa acheological sites have been designated as Unesco world heritage areas. All four sites are from the pre-Columbian era and several feature the enigmatic stone spheres.

Click here to read an article in Costa Rica's National Newspaper. Note, article is in Spanish and will need to be translated by your web browser.

Click here to read an article about the nearby Finca 6 stone spheres site located in Palmar Sur. 
Chris Dennis with a big roosterfish
Summer Fishing Report

Summer fishing was good at Sierpe del Pacifico. The green season brought with it the normal migration of wahoo, larger tuna, and very large amberjack to Cano Island. Rarely does one have to travel past the island to find these fish. 

Captains Deidy and Steve from Chavarria Sport Fishing further refined the Sierpe Lagoon fishing this past year. Nice catches of snapper and snook are far more consistent up there than anywhere else on the river system. This fishing peaks in the months of May-November.

Finally, when ocean conditions have permitted, boats have been cruising out to some newly discovered offshore weather buoys 50 miles to the south of the river mouth for marlin and yellowfin tuna. Football sized tuna can be caught here all day long. One or more shots at a marlin are just about guaranteed as well.
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