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Owners' Lodge at Sierpe del Pacifico

A Deluxe Ocean Boat Allows you to Explore the Osa in Style

Great views of the rainforest occur in all directions from lot #1

A Happy Family Snorkels at Cano Island
Top 10 Reasons We Love Sierpe

10) Fishing - You've seen the pictures... the fishing is the real deal here. Whether you want to catch 1 pound snapper off the dock with a hand line, or want to battle with 300 lb. marlin offshore, the fishing here is always an experience. Click here to watch our fishing video.

9) Great Silent Sports Opportunities - Have you ever seen monkeys while mountain biking? How about tropical birds while kayaking? Even going for a run is exciting here. With great scenery, lush surroundings, and lots of privacy, getting some outdoor exercise is always a fun experience.

8) Dolphins and Whales Galore - Cano Island is unequivocally the best spot to see dolphins and whales in Costa Rica. One of four species of dolphins is guaranteed just about every day of the year we go on the ocean. Humpback whales are usually a sure thing September - November, and will be seen about half of the time in August, January, and February. Whenever you see them it is a moving experience. Click here to watch a cool pilot whale video.

7) Privacy - The Osa Peninsula is very undeveloped compared to the rest of Costa Rica. This is a good thing. Lush, wild surroundings, and fewer people make everything you do here feel more personal. As you can see in this video. It's pretty much just you and the wilderness.

6) Safety - Sierpe is a small, tight knit, rural community. Everybody knows everybody. Neighbors look out for each other. Walking around at night doesn't give you that eerie feeling common in larger, more developed areas of Costa Rica.

5) Friendly People - Everyone here smiles and says hello. While passing another boat on the river it is required that you wave, seriously :)...It will always be returned! If you get lost, have a breakdown, or need some help, it is always just a phone call away. People view helping out as an obligation here, not an inconvenience.

4) Birds and Wildlife - National Geographic called the Osa Peninsula "The most biologically intense place on earth". With an estimated 4-5% of the earth's known species inhabiting the peninsula and surrounding ocean, this is a fitting description. With every trip down the river, cruise on the ocean, and walk through the jungle you are likely to see a new animal, bird, plant, or insect. It is really cool! Click here to watch a fun monkey video. Click here to watch an offshore bird and dolphin feeding frenzy. 

3) Rustic yet Refined - Despite being off the beaten path, modern comforts and conveniences are still aplenty in Sierpe. 3G cell and internet coverage blanket the area, and 4G is on the way. Sierpe is also a decent town for services. There are a couple good bars and restaurants, a decent grocery, gas docks, and a marine repair shop. 

2) The River - The Sierpe River is what makes this area truly one of a kind on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Nowhere else can you drive a boat from your dock directly into the ocean in all tides, 365 days a year. Everything you do in Sierpe will involve the river in some way. Memorizing the tides becomes a habit. Click here to watch a river short cut through the mangroves.

1) Staying Power - While many parts of Costa Rica are attracting more people and development every day, we're confident that Sierpe will stay wild and intimate. Only a very small percentage of the land bordering the Sierpe River can be developed. Most is protected as mangroves, primary forest, or does not have a workable title. Sierpe del Pacifico's registered title and status as reclaimed farm land make it one of the few areas on the river where a vacation home community can be established. While it is undeniable that the Sierpe area will have more visitors in future years, we think the only noticeable difference will be more boats on the river. This is not a big deal.
Pura Vida y Viva Sierpe!
- Cassidy
La Carlita at Playa San Josecito
High Season Bookings at SDP Lodge and Cabina Filling Up. Inquire Now to Reserve Your Preferred Dates.

Visits by potential Sierpe del Pacifico buyers and renters are at new highs for this time of year. Nearly all dates through February at the lodge are booked.  More than 50% of the cabina dates are also booked. March and April still have a decent amount of openings.

To check the calenders please click these links

To inquire about a rental or purchasing visit please contact Cassidy (715-699-2715),
Sierpe del Pacifico Lot #3 Owners' Lodge
New Lot For Sale on the Estero Azul Tributary


The Estero Azul has long been the most desirable place to have an "on the grid" home in the Sierpe River area. It is tranquil, private, and lush, but still has easy road access to the town of Sierpe via a good road. The English translation of "Estero Azul" is "blue tributary". This is a fitting name as it is smaller, clearer, and more tranquil than the main river. Despite being smaller and more aesthetically pleasing, the estero azul offers the same navigability to the ocean by boat as properties on the main river. A final distinction that makes the estero azul so special is that it's titling and construction setbacks from the river are only 15 meters instead of the usual 50 meters. This allows for better views of the river from your home. You can also walk to your boat at your dock in about 10 seconds. Being able to do this from a home on titled property is extremely rare in Costa Rica!


This lot is approximately 3000 square meters (3/4 of an acre) in size and has 100 feet of frontage on the river. It could reasonably accommodate the construction of any sized home. The lot is very lush and beautiful. There are numerous mature hardwood, palm, and fruit trees. Fruit varieties include avocado, banana, plantain, pineapple, limon, and orange. Finally, a good amount of work has been done flattening and grading the building areas. There are no other lots of this quality currently available for sale on the Estero Azul.


The listing price on this lot is $105,000. Please contact Cassidy for more details. 

Holiday Fishing Report

Recent fishing success has been very good. When ocean currents are cooperative, large schools of aggressive dorado have been encountered very close to the coast. Multiple hookups are common. Bottom fishing has been good as well. The catch numbers have been average, however some very large specimens have made their way into the boat. Some guests renting the lodge landed a 50 lb. cubera last week. SDP builder Mark Leroux landed a 60 lb. broomtail grouper this week as well. Inshore, roosterfish have been slamming topwater poppers and big live baits early in the morning and late in the afternoon.

For more information on Sierpe del Pacifico and other Sierpe River properties available please contact Cassidy by email or by phone at (715-699-2715)